An in-depth report of 1,000 tech companies that got funded in April, 2019

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Data included in this report:

Company name and URL
Funding type, date and amount
Company email address (sales@ etc.)
Contact page URL, blog URL, Twitter URL
CEO’s Name, Twitter URL and email address
*Where publicly available

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Discover new and exciting fast-growing tech companies to cover


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This hand-researched in-depth report of fast-growing tech companies will save you time researching the companies you should be doing business with right now - allowing you to put more time and effort into building relationships with potential new customers over researching who to contact.

This report includes in-depth details on each company, it's CEO, and 1,506 validated email addresses - making it easy to reach out to each company in seconds.

If you have a product or service that can help fast-growing tech companies operate more efficiently, it's important you contact them before your competitors do. Be smart and reach out to these companies directly with an introduction.

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This report comes in both .csv and .xlsx formats for easy import into Google Docs or your CRM of choice. Instant download - limited to just 100 downloads.

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We pride ourselves on providing accurate data, which is why we research all our reports by hand and never rely on software or bots (we know from first-hand experience they produce poor results).

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