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Bespoke, tailored to you and your ideal customer, lead lists

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GrowthList provides us with the best ROI over any other marketing investment we make.

Justin Mitchell
Creative Director at SoFriendly

We wouldn’t recommend anyone start prospecting in tech without GrowthList. A huge time saver!

Patrick Campbell
Founder & CEO at PriceIntelligently

GrowthList is the #1 startup lead report. Anyone not using them is essentially losing out on maximizing profit.

Jonathan Beaton
Owner of Inside Advantage PR

I highly recommend GrowthList to anyone else looking to get a better lay of the land when it comes to tracking up-and-coming startups!

Amy Suto
Owner at Amy Suto

What file format will the list come in?

The list comes in .csv and .xlsx. This allows you to easily import this data into the CRM of your choice.


When will I receive the list?

Within 24 hours from when you complete the ICP onboarding form.


Is my payment secure?

Of course. We use Stripe billing. Your data is safe.


Can I get new lists every month?

Yes! We’d be happy to talk to you about our subscription plans.


What happens after I pay?

You’ll be redirected to an onboarding form where you’ll tell us all about your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and the kind of data you want in your list. Once you complete that, the clock starts ticking and we have 24 hours to get the report back to you.


What information will the list include?

Verified emails, first and last names, company names, company URLs, job titles, LinkedIn profile URLs, location, Industry, personalized first lines, and more. All the important data you need to start prospecting. You can see a sample list here.