Most Funded B2B Startups

Meet the world’s most funded B2B software startups

With mass adoption of technology booming more than ever before, we’re seeing more and more funding pouring into B2B software startups solving productivity, accountability, and management issues for enterprises worldwide. Meet the world’s most funded B2B software startups paving the way for enterprise disruption.

  • $3.09 billion invested in B2B in 2018 – According to venture capital data firm Tracxn, $3.09 billion was invested in B2B startups in 2018 alone, while 2017 saw $2.4 billion invested in B2B startups.
  • Driven by data – The majority of the world’s most funded B2B software startups are offering data solutions to companies to help optimize process, increase transparency, and enhance sales figures using analytics.
  • US and China dominate – While B2B software is coming from all corners of the globe, investment has been mostly directed toward companies coming out of China and the US – predominantly Silicon Valley.
  • Working together toward optimization – A good proportion of investment has been ploughed into team collaboration platforms and softwares to optimize workflow processes.
  • Secure storage solutions stand out – Secure cloud storage solutions have been catching the eye of investors, as millions are pumped into ensuring that data is safe and privacy is a given.

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Slack – $1.2B

As more companies move online, remote working has become far more common. Whether in the office or the other sides of the world, collaboration tools can help to organize project management in a far more effective manner. Slack is one of the most well-known collaboration tools, and for good reason – its handsome, easy to use, and low-priced. The software enables teams and groups to communicate among each other and create message boards to handle project discussions.

All content is searchable for easier movement, while it integrates with major services such as Trello, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Github. Leading the collaboration hub game, Slack has created solutions to permeate all levels of enterprise, from Fortune 500 to dynamic duos, to ensure their product targets all audiences in the business world. With their HQ in San Francisco and 9 other offices around the world, they’ve managed to branch out dramatically thanks to investors such as General Atlantic, T.Rowe Price, Softbank, Sands Capital Investors, Baillie Gifford, and Accel.

Snowflake Computing – $928.9m

Snowflake Computing is a unique to other data warehousing softwares in that it is built for the cloud. Enabling companies to store and analyze data in a smooth and manageable way, the software promotes concurrency, performance, and ease of use. By combining data warehousing with the cloud, Snow Computing are taking advantage of the flexibility of big data platforms, plus the power of data warehouses and the adaptability of cloud solutions.

With a plethora of investors betting on their project, Snowflake Computing can be most grateful to Sequoia Capital, Altimeter Capital, Sutter Hill Ventures, Capital One Growth Venture, and Wing Venture Capital, for their significant contributions. As far as data storage enterprise solutions go, the cloud implementation mens that companies can save notable sums of money using this solution as opposed to traditional data options on the market.

Unity Technologies – $601.5m

As AR and VR begin to dominate the markets, the demand for high level enterprise 3D development tools is booming. With an extraordinarily large 800+ person engineering team, Unity is dominating the 3D development world with their high-end cutting edge softwares, designed to scale to enterprise level. The software has a beautiful all-in-one editor and tools for creating efficient workflow, and an accompanying AI pathfinding tool.

Enabling designers to work in 2D and 3D, the comprehensive software allows users to build intuitive user interfaces as well as harboring excellent collaboration tools for the whole team to contribute to the project. Working with partners such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Oculus, it’s no wonder they had so much interest from investors like Silver Lake Partners, Sequoia Capital, iGlobe Partners, Thrive Capital and West Summit Capital.

Weimob – $589.1m

Weimob is a CRM solution based on WeChat for enterprise level businesses. Promoting themselves as an SAAS solution, Weimob is focusing on helping businesses with developmental, educational, promotional, and operational solutions, moving companies forward in their technological capacities in order to create and manage m-commerce platforms for their products.

Not only are they providing lower cost solutions to other similar companies, Weimob also supply high end SCRM services and traffic analytic tools that enable better insights into collected data for enhanced future promotion and marketing techniques. They’ve caught the eye of a number of investors, such as Tencent Holdings, Guohe Capital, Chentao Capital, and PreIPO Capital, snaring some of the most valuable investment of this era.

Dataminr – $577m

Dataminr is an exceptional AI tool used by disaster prediction and management teams, news rooms, the financial sector, public relations, and so on. By trawling all data available in real time, it can discover high impact events and news much quicker than other IT systems that exist today. A very diverse tool that has the potential to help with predictions and damage control in many industry areas, this platform has garnered a great deal of interest from high end investors like Planven Investments, EquityZen, Kite Ventures, Vulcan Capital, and Fidelity Investments – netting them a whopping $577 million for the project’s expansion and development.

Recognized as one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning companies by CNBC, Dataminr is on a path to disruptive the way we receive information, enabling the detection and classification of news in real time, enabling more effective responses that limit damage and further disruption across all areas of our lives.

Databricks – $497m

Databricks is a Unified Analytics Platform which aims to speed up development and innovation through cross-disciplinary collaboration in engineering, business, and data science. The platform is used by data scientists to build data products, by crossing over the information with the trends and needs in business and engineering sectors.Thanks to the dynamic workflow system within the platform, data scientists can work much faster to fulfil the needs of the market, and create fully scalable, testable products within the software.

The managed and secure scalable cloud infrastructure enables users to work with their data in a far more manageable way, without incurring the extraordinary costs of licensed products and data storage. Backed by prominent investors such as Battery Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Green Bay Ventures, Salesforce, New Enterprise Associates, and Shell, it’s no surprise that the fat-moving company has managed to acquire $497 million in funding thus far, driving their innovation and resulting in significant development in a relatively short time.

Fuze – $480.4m

Fuze is a business communications software that enables companies to better communicate and collaborate through its suite of tools. Backed by investors such as G20 Ventures, Greenspring Associates, Bessemer Venture Partners, Wellington Management, and Summit partners, Fuze have ploughed their $480.4 million of funding into enabling mobile communications to be better harnessed to smoothen workflows across an entire workforce.

The cloud-based software includes a business voice communications tool, video conferencing, and a collaboration hub that’s always on. Fuze makes it easier for anyone who needs to, to simply hop on to the system and communicate across any device within the network, in a secure and cost-effective manner.

UiPath – 448m

UiPath is creating software for robotic process automation for industrial and commercial application. Using funds from the likes of Sequoia Capital, Kleiner Perkins, Credo Ventures, Accel, and Earlybird Venture Capital, UiPath have already developed an extensive suite of tools for automation of process, governance, and on-site deployment, with several robots to implement, all working from one virtual machine.

The two-part studio comprises of the UiPath Orchestrator that manages and commands the enterprise tasks that need to be done, and UiPath Robot that carries out those tasks. With a diverse application capacity already, UiPath Studio is being deployed in the healthcare, telecom, banking, insurance, finance, and manufacturing industries already.

Tradeshift – $432m

A highly efficient workflow management system, Tradeshift is helping companies improve their efficiency through their B2B software which assists with workflows, supply chains, invoicing, and so on. By drawing companies together in collaboration with each other, Tradeshift aims to help businesses at all levels – from SME to enterprise – to connect more easily for more fluid transactions with one another. For example, their electronic invoicing system means that suppliers can more easily generate routes to payment, ensure stability in their cash flows, and speed up payments.

On an enterprise level, the comprehensive suite means easier management of the entire supply chain from any remote location in the world. Tradeshift is seeing the faster deployment of their product than ever before, thanks to funding injections from companies like H14, Notion, American Express Ventures, GP Bullhound, and Goldman Sachs.

Netskope – $400.1m

Netskope’s patented technology enables companies to deploy far more effective cloud security on an enterprise level. The software enables users to get a better idea of the types of activities that could be deemed as risky, as well as securing data privacy, preventing outside threats, and rolling out imminent responses in the face of danger to the systems.

The context-aware governance of the system applies to all cloud usage, giving far more intuitive protection than past systems. Backed by investors such as Lightspeed Venture Partners, Base Partners, and ICONIQ Capital, Netskope is being quickly integrated into some of the top technology companies in the world thanks to it having the most advanced cloud DLP on the market today.

Health Catalyst – $377m

As healthcare data is such a sensitive issue, there has been an explosion of solutions in recent years to help try to govern the storage and management of this data. The change from paper records to electronic records has called for higher levels of security and privacy, with better transparency and accountability than ever before. A complex task, Health Catalyst has developed data warehousing solutions that help to solve this issue for some of the most prominent health systems around.

With $377 million in funding from companies like UPMC, OrbiMed, Norwest Capital, and Sequoia Capital, Health Catalyst organizes and stores data, enabling users to retrieve it for complex reporting – most notably for financial, operational, clinical, and academic research and reporting. Faster and more secure than anything before it, Health Catalyst has taken the industry by storm due to its advanced search capabilities and enhanced collation capabilities.

Workfront – 375m

An enterprise tool to manage team efficiency, Workfront provides advanced work management solutions that tackle hurdles with overwhelming inboxes, ineffective meetings, and unnecessary tools within operational processes. By assessing the entire work lifecycle, this enterprise software seeks to find the bottlenecks to prevent the slowing down of systems and to improve team collaboration and productivity.

The software enables businesses to centralize projects and communications to a single platform for better transparency and limitless collaboration. Funded by investors such as W Capital Partners, AB Private Credit Investors, Greenspring Associates, Atlas Peak Capital, and Susquehanna Growth Equity, this tool is already ironing out kinks in big companies such as Cisco,, Trek, and Schneider Electric.

Actifio – 353.5m

Working with enterprises across 30 different countries around the world, Actifio is a way for companies to virtualize data. By reducing copies of data, they can streamline IT infrastructure with purpose-built solutions for enterprises that may want to deliver data as a service. In doing this, the software enables companies to maintain data integrity while also improving productivity, access, and availability of data.

By virtualizing data, they remove the need for siloed data protection and availability application, putting it into a single custom-built system. With capital drawn from companies such as North Bridge Venture Partners, Heritage Group, 83North, and Crestline, they have managed to gain $383.5 million to further their development.

Illumio – 332.5m

With a very experienced team drawn from companies like McAfee, Cisco, and Juniper, Illumio is a cloud security and data center solution that provides a high-end security platform to enterprises around the world. The adaptive software is constantly learning about threats and security breaches, updating the system, and ensuring full protection to all infrastructure and applications. Illumio’s Adaptive Security Platform enables companies to run complex security and protection without compromising speed to data access.

Having been around since 2018, Illumio has gained a great deal of attention from investors such as Data Collective, JP Morgan Asset Management, Accel, 8VC, and AME Cloud Ventures. The advanced nature of their software has driven their success, with Illumio solutions rolled out by companies such as Morgan Stanley, Salesforce, and Workday.

Cloudflare – 332.1m

Cloudflare is a B2B service dealing with security and web performance. Providing services online, they help to speed up website performance and protect content through their suite of tools. Cloudflare Security protects websites from online threats such as SQL injection, crawlers, and DDOS, while Cloudflare Optimizer accelerates website performance while enabling users to download applications to their website using the Cloudflare Applications software (without compromising speed and efficiency).

Their analytics software will give users more accurate insights about the data coming in through web traffic to help avoid threats that may permeate the security boundaries. Founded in 2009, the company has received over $332 million in funding from investors such as Baidu, CapitalG, Microsoft Accelerator, Franklin Templeton Investments, and New Enterprise Associates.

Medallia – $325M

Medallia is an enterprise solution that helps companies to better understand their customer’s needs and desires by capturing feedback and reviews from customers at every port of call – in bricks and mortar stores, on mobile applications, on websites, and over the phone. With offices across the US, Europe, Australia, and South America, they have more than 1000 employees working on the development and deployment of their software. With funding from companies such as Wasatch Advisors, RGM Capital, and Sequoia Capital, Medallia is growing at an incredible rate since its inception in 2001.

They are already a very trusted brand, with companies such as Airbnb, Mercedez-Benz, Delta, Zurich, and Tory Burch utilizing their services. Their listening platform is advancing to harness IoT in order to use all manner of devices to ensure that companies get the best view of their customer feedback, and then are able to manage those insights and turn them into actionable strategies for improvement.

Stem – $321.1m

An energy optimization service for businesses, Stem analyzes how businesses use electricity and the charging patterns around this usage. Leveraging this information, Stem combines Big Data and predictive analytics with their energy storage capacity to help design solutions that reduce energy outgoings by patterning energy consumption and analyzing various energy companies’ deals and offers.

Using the data pulled from a company’s ingoings and outgoings, Stem can use predictive models to further reduce energy costs over time. With funding from the likes of Magnesium Capital, BNP Paribas, Temasek Holdings, Activate Capital Partners, and Total Energy Holdings, Stem is fast becoming a big name in energy efficiency, having generated $321.1 million in funding to deploy their solutions to enterprises.

Gusto – 316.1m

Founded in 2011, Gusto is developing and providing web-based payroll solutions for SMEs. The HR platform helps small businesses to better understand, manage, and employ payroll solutions, benefits schemes, and employer services, while keeping intricate records for better transparency and enhanced accountability. The system itself is offering complete solutions for employers, such as health benefits and workers’ compensation benefits, 401 K contributions, and insurance plans.

The software platform itself has time tracking tools, integration services, and remote access to payroll. For employees using the system, they have an audit trail of pay stubs and personal data, along with tax payment and filing services. The software has been implemented in a whole variety of applications, from coffee shops to PR agencies. They have managed to gain 316.1 million in funding from investors such as YCombinator, General Catalyst, Dragoneer Investment Group, and Emergence, which has enabled them to continue adding tools to their system for wider applications.

UCloud Information Technology – 314.4m

UCloud Information Technology provides IT infrastructure services to enterprise-level companies. They have physical host servers along with cloud hosting services to help manage and store data. Working at an impressive speed and efficiency, their load balancing system provides customers with automatic allocation of data among a series of cloud hosts, while the network services work to ensure network resources are managed effectively. For those looking for more tailored solutions, there is a hybrid system that utilizes both cloud platforms and server hosting for data management.

Other services include computational resources, independent research, and development, a key-value memory database, object storage for internet apps, distributed data processing, security, and hard disk storage space for cloud hosting. Their broad spectrum of services has been bolstered by the $314.4 million they have received in funding from the likes of CICC, Oriza Holdings, China Mobile, GX Capital, and Legend Capital.

ThoughtSpot – $295.7m

ThoughtSpot is a platform offering business intelligence and big data analytics. For enterprises, this enables the analysis of data within the company to understand real-time insights for actioning data more easily. Driven by AI and machine learning, the platform cuts back time and costs associated with employing a plethora of analysts to do the same work – all with an easy-to-use intuitive interface. Proven to cut back on backlogs, ThoughtSpot already has a wide range of prominent users, such as Bed Bath and Beyond, Amway, Capital One, and BT.

Thanks to their experienced team with experience from companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle, ThoughtSpot has managed to garner $295.7 million in funding from investors such as Khosla Ventures, Sapphire Ventures, and Hewlett Packard Pathfinder. Much of this funding will be used to drive their target of giving search-driven analytics to 20 million users by 2020.

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