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our clients

1 Name Money Raised (USD)
2 Jenzy $1.2M
3 Token $1.6M
4 Balloon $2.1M
5 Spiral $2.4M
6 Hemlane $2.5M

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564 tech startups raised $18B+ in December

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Startups included in the December report:

1 Name Money Raised (USD)
2 Arthur AI $3.3M
3 Nodle $3.5M
4 Leapfin $4.5M
5 Osano $5.4M
6 Workona $6M
7 Skyports $7M
8 Yumi $8M
9 Jumpstart $8.5M
10 Modern Treasury $10M
11 Pyka $11M

We include all the data you need:

Company Name
Company Twitter
Company Linkedin
Company Email
Funding Date
Funding Type
Funding Amount
CEO Name
CEO Email
CEO Linkedin
CEO Twitter

Stats from the November report:

233 Angel/Seed rounds
248 U.S/Canada startups
148 Series A rounds
128 European startups
90 Series B rounds
162 Asia Pacific startups
50 Series C rounds
12 South American startups
43 Series D-H rounds
14 African startups

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