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Report Data Emails Last updated
953 Tech companies funded in August, 2019 Data 1,338 September 2019
148 Recently funded recruitment / HR startups Data 268 September 2019
100 Recently funded real estate startups Data 200 September 2019
100 Recently funded education startups Data 189 September 2019
100 Y Combinator Startups (summer 2019) Data 145 August 2019
110 Recently funded Cyber Security Startups Data 200 August 2019
100 Recently funded Advertising Startups Data 162 August 2019
950 Tech companies funded in July, 2019 Data 1,342 August 2019
100 Fast-growing Singapore tech companies Data 200 August 2019
100 Tech & startup focused blogs Data 179 August 2019
100 Recently funded Cannabis companies Data 170 August 2019
1,000 Tech companies funded in June, 2019 Data 1,463 July 2019
1,000 Fast-growing E-commerce companies Data 1,244 June 2019
1,000 Tech companies funded in May, 2019 Data 1,350 June 2019
1000 Tech companies funded in April, 2019 Data 1,506 May 2019
1000 Top-performing U.S tech investors Data 1,282 May 2019
1,000 Tech companies funded in March, 2019 Data 1,492 April 2019
981 Tech companies funded in February, 2019 Data 1,673 March 2019
1,000 Recently funded AI companies Data 1,787 March 2019
1,000 Tech companies funded in January, 2019 Data 1,706 February 2019
1,000 Fast-growing B2B SaaS companies Data 1,564 February 2019
1,000 Tech companies funded in December, 2018 Data 1,925 January 2019
1,000 Cryptocurrency companies Data 1,291 December 2018

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*Where publically available

If you have a product or service that can help fast-growing tech companies operate more efficiently, it's important you contact them before your competitors do. Be smart and reach out to these companies directly with a short introduction.

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