Hand researched lists of fast-growing tech companies

Whether it's for sales, outreach, social media targeting or market research, our in-depth lists of fast-growing tech companies, with validated email addresses, will save you time understanding the companies that should be on your radar right now.

All lists cost $299 each.

Market Updated Purchase
5,000 B2B Tech Companies April, 2017 Instant Download
5,000 Shopify Stores April, 2017 Instant Download
5,000 NYC Tech Companies April, 2017 Instant Download
5,000 U.K Tech Companies April, 2017 Instant Download
4,000 Tech VC's & Investors April, 2017 Instant Download
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About our lists


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Our lists:

  • Are researched by hand
  • Contain fully validated email addresses
  • Are limited in quantity to save dillution
  • Are avalible at one fair price - $299 per list
  • No long-term commitments or monthly payments

The data points we research:

  • Company name
  • URL
  • Location
  • Blog URL
  • Company Email
  • Company Twitter
  • Comapny Facebook
  • Founder/CEO's name
  • Founder/CEO's Twitter
  • Founder/CEO's Email

Use cases:

  • Onboard more paying users
  • Create custom Facebook/Twitter audiences
  • Build relationships
  • Find guest posting opportunties
  • Validate ideas and products
  • Market/Product research
  • Discover investment opportunties
  • Research job opportunties

About us

Our in-depth lists of fast-growing tech companies will help you target the companies you should be doing business with right now.

We include all the data points you'll need, including the details of each company, their social media channels and in-depth details of the founder/CEO.

All lists come in both .csv and .xlsx formats for easy import into Google Docs or your CRM of choice.

Researching each company and data point by hand, results in unparalleled accuracy you will not find elsewhere. We also validate all email addresses, so you can be assured the emails we include in each list will always work.

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