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1,000+ handpicked leads from recently funded companies. 18+ data points to filter and personalize campaigns. Delivered weekly to your inbox.

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We wouldn’t recommend anyone start prospecting in tech without Growth List. A huge time saver!

Patrick Campbell – Founder & CEO @ Price Intelligently

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How It Works

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It takes less than 60 seconds. Choose a plan that fits your goals! You can also sign up for free to receive a sample report every month.

Instantly receive leads in your inbox.

We will send you last month’s report right now, then new leads every week or month, depending on your plan.

Start reaching out and closing deals.

We send you leads in a spreadsheet and CSV format so you can upload them to any CRM and start sending emails today.

Less Competition, More Closed Clients.

We keep our research and lists exclusive to a limited number of clients across a variety of industries and services, reducing lead competition and creating a better experience for everyone.

Growth List is the #1 startup lead report. Anyone not using them is essentially losing out on maximizing profit.

Jonathan Beaton – Owner @ Inside Advantage PR

Growth List provides us with the best ROI over any other marketing investment we make.

Justin Mitchell – Creative Director @ SoFriendly

Here’s What You Get

You’ll receive Growth List reports in your inbox every week with:

Verified emails

Email addresses for every startup, verified using the most accurate tools.

Social profiles

LinkedIn and Twitter profiles for every company to supplement your outreach.

CEO emails & profiles

Paid subscribers get verified emails, LinkedIn, and Twitter profiles for every CEO.

Funding data

Funding types, amounts, and dates to help you pick the right leads and customize pitches.

Industry categorizations

We hand-sort all startups into industries so you can quickly decide who to contact.

Up-to-date, accurate data

Our 18+ data points are verified by every team member and regularly updated.

Decision maker contacts

Scale Plan customers also get 1,600+ leads every month for CTOs, CMOs, and other decision makers.

Access to 70k leads today

Get access to our Master Database of 70,000 leads today if you sign up for our annual Scale Plan.

Why Choose Growth List?

Save 7.5 Hours Every Week

We polled our users, and on average, their outreach teams spent nearly a full workday sourcing, gathering, verifying, and cleansing their lead lists. Growth List gives you more time to perfect your campaigns, nurture leads, book meetings, and close sales.

Our Expense Is Your Savings

We use all the industry’s latest databases, verification tools, and outbound apps, so you don’t have to. Saving you thousands in fees each year and the headache of learning and managing all these apps.

Pays For Itself, And Then Some

Close a single deal from Growth List and it pays for itself for years. But you’ll win more business than that – Growth List clients report that our leads convert at double the rate of average startup lead lists (and even better with our Bespoke Lists).

Need a Tailor-Made List?

Sometimes you need more than our weekly reports. That’s why we offer a bespoke service, custom-made for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). From hyper-targeted 100 lead lists to massive 5,000+ potential client lists to fill your campaign queue.