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Our in-depth lists of fast-growing tech companies will help you understand and contact the companies you should be doing business with right now.

Reaching out to companies directly is one of the most underrated ways you can onboard new clients into your business.

But researching and finding the right companies to contact is really time consuming and complicated.

This is where our lists will help. You'll have all the info you need to contact the companies who should be using your product or service - resulting in faster outreach and more business.


We research each company and data point by hand, resulting in unparalleled accuracy you will not find elsewhere.

Validated Emails

We validate all email addresses with NeverBounce so you can be assured the emails we feature always work.

Regularly Updated

We regularly track, check and update the companies we feature in our reports, resulting in data that's relevant today.

Outbound Sales Support

Receive actionable feedback on how to welcome new customers into your business with our private Facebook group.

Companies heart our research

From tech giants like Google and Twitter to small bootstrapped startups, companies big and small from all around the world trust our research.

"GrowthList provided us with the best ROI over any other marketing investment we've made.”

Justin MitchellSoFriendly

"We wouldn't recommend anyone start prospecting in tech without GrowthList.”

Patrick CampbellPriceIntelligently

"A successful sales process starts with a high-quality lead list, and that's exactly what GrowthList provides."

Jordan GalHookCart

We research the data points you need

From validated email addresses to whether the company has a blog or not, you'll have all the data points needed to understand each company in greater detail.
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Company Name

You could say this is an important one.

Website URL

A direct link to the company's website.

Company Bio

A snappy bio on what the company does.

Company Twitter

A link to the company's Twitter account.

Blog URL

A direct link to the company's blog.

Company Email

The company wide email address.

Contact Page URL

A direct link to the company's contact page.


The country where the company is located at.

Founder's Name

Know who's running the company.

Founder's Twitter

The founder's personal Twitter account.

Founder's Linkedin

The founder's personal Linkedin profile.

Founder's Email

The best way to contact the founder/CEO.

"Don't be afraid to email the people you want to talk to. That's how many people end up building their networks."

Sam Altman, president at Y Combinator.

Our hand-curated lists

Whether it's for manual outreach or market research, our in-depth lists will save you time in understanding the companies you need to be doing business with right now.

How many can you convert into customers?

Our premium lists cost $299 each. No long-term commitments. No monthly fees.

Download A Sample

Last updated: January, 2017

Download a sample of 10 fast-growing B2B tech companies from our B2B list for free.

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5,000 B2B Tech Companies

Last updated: February, 2017

Our flagship report featuring 5,000 B2B tech companies that are growing fast right now.

Instant Download

5,000 Shopify Stores

Last updated: February, 2017

5,000 fast-growing e-commerce stores hosted on the Shopify e-commerce platform.

Instant Download

5,000 NYC Tech Companies

Last updated: February, 2017

5,000 fast-growing B2B and B2C tech companies based in New York, U.S.

Instant Download

5,000 U.K Tech Companies

Last updated: February, 2017

5,000 fast-growing B2B and B2C tech companies based in the United Kingdom.

Instant Download

4,000 Tech VC's & Investors

Last updated: February, 2017

4,000 active VC's, investors and incubators investing in tech startups.

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New to sales outreach?

When you purchase a GrowthList report you'll be invited into our private Facebook group.

You'll be able to ask questions and receive actionable feedback on how to reach out to founders and companies, and more importantly, welcome new customers into your business.

Frequently asked questions

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line.

What file format do the reports come in?

All reports come in both .csv and .xlsx formats for easy import into Google Docs or your CRM of choice.

What is the private Facebook Group?

Our private Facebook group enables you to connect with other sales professionals to ask questions, share tips and more importantly, make sure you use outreach effectively to welcome new customers into your business.

How should I contact each company?

Personal approaches always work best. There are many apps that can help such as Persist, Close or Reply.

Who is behind GrowthList?

GrowthList was founded by Chris Osborne, who besides collecting data around startups both for his own outreach efforts and for GrowthList, updates FoundersGrid, one of the biggest daily newsletters focused on tech and startups.





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