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How to Craft the Perfect Cold Email Subject Line (+42 Examples)

Watch your open rates skyrocket with these cold email subject lines.

19 Best Practices for Cold Calling Sales Prospects

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List of Funded Beauty Startups For 2024

Here’s our database of the latest beauty startups to receive funding rounds around the world.

List of Funded Startups in Mexico For 2024

Here’s our research on the latest funded startups in Mexico across every industry.

How to Build a Sales Pipeline to Consistently Turn Leads Into Customers

Build a rock solid sales pipeline to feed your business with these tips.

List of Funded Healthcare Startups in NYC For 2024

Check out all the recently funded healthcare startups based in New York City that are shaping the industry.

How Long to Wait Before Following Up on a Cold Email

Here’s how long to wait to see more success with your follow ups.

How to Craft a Great Thank You Email After a Sales Meeting

Here’s how to write a thank you email that stands out and closes more deals after a sales meeting.

How to Craft the Perfect Sales Email Sequence

Check out these tips and templates to craft the perfect sales email sequence every time.

How to Follow Up on an Email With No Response

Ghosted on your last email? Here’s how to follow up.

16 Effective Sales Follow Up Templates

Check out these highly effective follow up email templates for sales pitches.

40+ Sales Follow-up Statistics For 2024

Here are the latest trends in sales follow-ups and how you can stay on top of the game.
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