Here are our answers to some common questions we get about Growth List. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Reach out to us; we’re always glad to help.

What’s in the Growth List reports?

Our weekly reports include all startups that have received funding in the prior 7 days. Why recently funded startups? Because they are flush with cash and have mandates from their investors to grow and scale.

This means they’re more likely to hire, outsource, and partner. This also means they are more likely to reply to your outreach campaign, turning a cold lead into a warm lead.

Growth List reports include:

  • Verified email addresses
  • LinkedIn and Twitter (X) profiles
  • Funding information
  • CEO names, email addresses, and social profiles (paid subscribers only)
  • Industry categorizations
  • Company location
  • And more valuable data points depending on your membership level

Scale Plan clients also receive a weekly report with decision maker contacts at these startups. Think roles like CTOs, CMOs, Head of Growth, and others outside the CEO that you can get in touch with to close deals.

What are decision maker contacts?

We are referring to other key players at the company. Think CFO, CTO, CMO, Head of Sales, Head of Marketing, Head of Growth, Head of Recruitment, additional Co-Founders, etc.

If they make big decisions and control budgets, we include them.

CEOs are busy people. Sometimes your offer is good and the timing is right, but your email gets lost in the CEO’s inbox. This is why reaching out to other contacts at the company is beneficial.

Oh, and by the way, reaching out to multiple contacts at a company can increase reply rates by up to 93%. So there’s that.

Why do you provide LinkedIn & Twitter (X) profiles?

Because your outreach strategy shouldn’t stop with an email. Nurture your leads by following up with them on LinkedIn, and liking a post of theirs on Twitter (X).

It’s no secret, the more touch points you have with a lead, the more likely they are going to convert from a cold lead to a warm lead.

Why should I subscribe to Growth List?

Simply put, Growth List saves you time and money, and you make a crazy good return on the money you spend on your Growth List plan – just one closed lead can pay for your Growth List subscription for years! But Growth List clients close way more business than that from our leads because we offer:

  • The most accurate and up-to-date data
  • Recently funded startups that are itching to grow
  • Verified email addresses for the most important decision makers
  • Lead lists every week (most other providers only give you leads once a month)

Growth List clients report that our startup leads convert at double the rate of average lead lists.

Won’t I be competing with everyone else?

In short….no. Our clients use our reports in different ways. Some only reach out to certain industries, others only certain locations. Some send out emails daily, monthly, or weekly. Some reach out via email, others on LinkedIn, others on Twitter (X), and others on all of the above.

Keep in mind that the average person receives 121 emails per day. It comes down to your message, your offer, and your timing. We can’t guarantee you success whenever you send an email, but I can guarantee you won’t close any deals if you don’t send any emails.

What are Bespoke Lists?

We get it, sometimes, just reaching out to startups isn’t going to cut it. That’s why we also offer Bespoke Lists tailored to your ideal customer profile.

You fill out a simple questionnaire and tell us who your customers are. We’ll turn around 1,000+ leads with double-verified emails in 24-48 hours, so you can start your campaigns right away.

What is the Master Database?

For annual Growth and Scale plan clients, we offer access to our 10k and 70k leads databases with every historical Growth List report of recently funded startups and decision maker contacts.

After signing up, you’ll get access to the database right away.

Do you offer discounts on annual plans?

We certainly do. There is a 15% discount for all annual plans. Our Growth Annual Plan includes access to our 10k+ lead database, and our Scale Annual Plan includes access to our 70k+ lead database of startups.

What is a verified email?

We use a host of tools to ensure that the leads we source have valid emails. This means that your campaigns will land in inboxes, not SPAM, and won’t receive the dreaded bounce back that penalize your sending domains.

What are partner apps and tools?

We’ve been in this industry for a while, and in that time, we have tried and tested a lot of tools….a lot.

We are in the process of creating partner deals with some of these tools we personally recommend, and in doing so, our clients will get discounted access to these tools. Think email outreach, social media outreach, other lead list tools, etc.

What is your cancellation policy?

You manage your report subscriptions from your account. You’ll be able to view and update all your subscriptions in one place. You can cancel at any time.