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What Is an Email Blacklist? And How to Avoid It

Ah, the blacklist. A place you never want to be. Here’s how to avoid email blacklists and the basics you should know about them.

Why Emails Bounce & 16 Ways To Reduce Bounce Rate

Not every email reaches the inbox. Here are the common reasons why emails bounce and what you can do to avoid the dreaded undeliverable email.

GDPR For Cold Email Sales – What You Need To Know

It’s important to stay compliant with GDPR when you’re sending cold emails. Here’s what you should know.

How to Check and Manage Your Email Domain Reputation

Your email domain reputation matters a lot for the success of your campaigns. Here’s how to manage it.

Tips for Cold Email Opt-Out Language

Having clear and easy opt-out language is an important part of keeping your emails compliant. Here’s how to write it.

Email Sending Limits of Various Email Service Providers

I rounded up the email sending limits of the most popular email service providers.

How to Test Email Deliverability

Here’s how to test your email deliverability to make sure you land in the inbox.

List of Funded Mobile App Startups For 2023

Here’s our latest research on all mobile app startups with recent funding rounds.

List of Funded Pharma Startups For 2023

Check out our research on recently funded pharma startups around the world.

What Are DMARC, DKIM, And SPF?

These are more than just fancy acronyms – here’s how to make sense of DMARC, DKIM, and SPF.

List of Funded Sports Startups For 2023

We’ve got the scoop on the newest sports startups. Each week, we dig deep to gather a comprehensive list of these startups. Our database is filled with tons of them! Take a look at the table below for the latest funding information on sports-related startups. We update it every month. And if you scroll all … Read more

IMAP vs. SMTP: What’s the Difference?

IMAP and SMTP are two important email protocols. Here’s the difference between them.
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