List of Funded Food & Beverage Startups For 2023

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We researched and compiled the latest funded food and beverage startups for you to check out. Our team gathers startup funding data every week, and we currently have a vast database of food and beverage startups. In the table below, we listed the 100 most recent startups that have received funding rounds in this category.

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NameWebsiteIndustryCountryFunding Amount (USD)Funding TypeLast Funding Date
Xumexume.coFood and Beverage, Artificial Intelligence, B2C SoftwareIndiaSeedAugust 2023
Simply Care, Food and BeverageSouth Korea$1,177,373SeedAugust 2023
Sorbsorb.coFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareTurkey$111,254SeedAugust 2023
Lattinilattini.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited States$1,575,000Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
ansāwww.ansacoffee.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareIsrael$9,000,000Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Yellowbirdwww.yellowbirdfoods.comRetail, Consumer Goods, Food and BeverageUnited States$12,500,002Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Chowbuswww.chowbus.comFood and Beverage, Transportation, E-commerce, B2C SoftwareUnited States$16,194,320Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Konscious Foodswww.konscious.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareCanada$19,609,499SeedAugust 2023
Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen UKpopeyesuk.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited Kingdom$64,123,856Private EquityAugust 2023
Cheryl’s Herbs Groupcherylsherbs.comRetail, Consumer Goods, Food and BeverageUnited States$100,000Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Meatablewww.meatable.comBiotechnology, Food and Beverage, B2C SoftwareThe Netherlands$34,018,047Series BAugust 2023
Clean Food Groupcleanfood.groupFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited KingdomSeedAugust 2023
Neotasteneotaste.appFood and Beverage, Hospitality, Marketing, Mobile, B2C SoftwareGermany$6,505,219Series AAugust 2023
Fresh Insetfreshinset.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwarePoland$2,976,964Series BAugust 2023
Go Zeroletsgozero.inFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareIndia$1,000,000SeedAugust 2023
Native Petnativepet.comPets, Food and Beverage, B2C SoftwareUnited States$11,000,000Series BAugust 2023
BioNippywww.bionippy.comTransportation, Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareThe NetherlandsPre-SeedAugust 2023
Moveable Feastwww.moveablefeast.ioFood and BeverageUnited States$550,000SeedAugust 2023
Viviciwww.vivici.comFood and BeverageThe NetherlandsSeedAugust 2023
Clever Carnivorewww.clevercarnivore.coFood and BeverageUnited States$4,200,276Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
True Essence Foodstrueessencefoods.comFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited States$27,633,632Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Fredawww.eatfreda.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareGermanyPre-SeedAugust 2023
Shanghai Auntiewww.hsay.comFood and Beverage, Nutrition and Supplements, WellnessChina$101,357Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Moshmoshlife.comFood and Beverage, Nutrition and Supplements, Wellness, Mental Health, Consumer Goods, RetailUnited States$6,518,181Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Iya Foodswww.iyafoods.comFood and Beverage, Nutrition and Supplements, Wellness, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$1,000,000Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Tanger Medalgyulmedal.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsSouth KoreaSeedAugust 2023
Jinxwww.thinkjinx.comPets, Food and BeverageUnited States$17,850,000Series BAugust 2023
Holyde.weareholy.comFood and BeverageGermany$11,400,156Series AAugust 2023
Yixi Biotechwww.yixilife.comFood and BeverageChina$13,861,935SeedAugust 2023
ENOUGHwww.enough-food.comFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited Kingdom$43,543,102Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Blue Farmwww.bluefarm.coFood and Beverage, E-commerceGermanyVenture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
GoodSportgoodsport.comFood and Beverage, WellnessUnited States$5,942,949Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Moshmoshlife.comNutrition and Supplements, Wellness, Food and BeverageUnited States$3,000,000Series AAugust 2023
Aphea.Bioaphea.bioAgriculture, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareBelgium$76,903,386Series CJuly 2023
FoodMapfoodmap.asiaAgriculture, Food and Beverage, B2C Software, Retail, Consumer GoodsVietnam$1,000,000Convertible NoteJuly 2023
Foragedforaged.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited States$2,700,000SeedJuly 2023
VersaWarewww.versaware.ioArtificial Intelligence, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited States$1,223,969Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Peckishiampeckish.comFood and Beverage, B2B Software, Artificial IntelligenceThe Netherlands$100,000Pre-SeedJuly 2023
Red Basil Technologieswww.redbasil.inFood and Beverage, B2B Software, MarketplaceIndiaSeedJuly 2023 and BeverageIsrael$10,100,000SeedJuly 2023
Devour.iodevour.ioFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareUnited StatesSeedJuly 2023
DealCartdealcart.ioFood and Beverage, Transportation, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareSeedJuly 2023
Green Lampwww.greenlamp.krFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsSouth Korea$3,571,555Series AJuly 2023
A1C Drinka1cdrinks.comFood and Beverage, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$380,400SeedJuly 2023
Beyond Snáckbeyondsnack.inFood and BeverageIndia$3,491,061SeedJuly 2023
Bluu Seafoodwww.bluu.bioFood and Beverage, Marine, ManufacturingGermany$17,489,167Series AJuly 2023
Dil Foodsdilfoods.inFood and Beverage, CommunityIndia$2,000,000SeedJuly 2023
Eat Feedwww.eatfiid.comFood and Beverage, TransportationIrelandVenture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Equal Tablewww.equaltable.netFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsSouth KoreaSeedJuly 2023
Everytablewww.everytable.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$25,000,000Series CJuly 2023
Fastizersfastizers.comFood and BeverageNigeria$2,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Foodiversefoodiverse.comFood and BeverageSpainVenture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Hooked Foodswww.hookedfoods.comFood and Beverage, Marine, Retail, Consumer GoodsSweden$683,092Equity CrowdfundingJuly 2023
Katahdin Salmonwww.katahdinsalmon.comFood and Beverage, Marine, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$110,000Pre-SeedJuly 2023
LaLa Land Kind Cafelalalandkindcafe.comFood and BeverageUnited States$20,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Lulu Snackswww.lulusnacks.comFood and BeverageUnited States$2,183,500Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Minusshopminuscoffee.comFood and BeverageUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Natuureatnatuur.comFood and BeverageUnited States$250,000SeedJuly 2023
NOMU Groupwww.nomu.groupFood and BeverageSaudi Arabia$5,000,000SeedJuly 2023
Portaeatporta.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Home Services, TransportationCanada$7,924,558Series AJuly 2023
Rapscallion Sodarapscallionsoda.comFood and BeverageUnited KingdomSeedJuly 2023
Sinatrasinatra.aiFood and Beverage, HospitalityUnited States$1,090,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Swingersswingers.clubFood and BeverageUnited Kingdom$52,000,000Series CJuly 2023
Z.E.N. Foodszenfoods.comFood and Beverage, E-commerceUnited States$7,500,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Heartful Sproutheartfulsprout.comNutrition and Supplements, Healthcare, Family, Food and BeverageUnited StatesPre-SeedJuly 2023
Nirvana Water Scienceswww.nirvanawatersciences.comFood and BeverageUnited States$2,625,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Bottleneckwww.bottleneck.comFood and Beverage, Transportation, Logistics, B2B SoftwareUnited States$2,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Munchmunch.huMarketplace, Food and Beverage, Environment, B2B SoftwareHungarySeedJuly 2023
Buffalo Marketbuffalomarket.comFood and Beverage, RetailUnited States$18,477,438Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
DeliverZerowww.deliverzero.comFood and Beverage, EnvironmentUnited States$3,267,164SeedJuly 2023
Lapotable8dogam.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsSouth Korea$2,658,020Series AJune 2023
Balmaghie Beverage Groupbalmaghie.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$100,000Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Bramibramisnacks.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$6,530,969Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Bundle Kitchenbundlekitchen.coFood and Beverage, Virtual Reality, Cloud Computing, B2B SoftwareTurkey$62,924SeedJune 2023
G.O.A.T. Fuelgoatfuel.comFood and Beverage, SportsUnited States$5,000,000SeedJune 2023
ingardeningarden.comAgriculture, Food and Beverage, Wellness, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$542,988SeedJune 2023
Kitchen & Marketkitchenandmarket.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$9,334,982Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
LANCHlanch.comFood and Beverage, TransportationGermany$2,681,678Pre-SeedJune 2023
Lemnature AquaFarmslemnatureusa.comAgriculture, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited States$7,825,603Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Nory AInory.aiFood and Beverage, Property Management, B2B SoftwareIreland$7,586,365SeedJune 2023
Planet A Foodsplanet-a-foods.comFood and BeverageGermany$21,805,948Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Red Clay Hot Sauceredclayhotsauce.comFood and BeverageUnited States$386,479SeedJune 2023
Tso Chinese Takeout & Deliverytsodelivery.comFood and Beverage, E-commerce, TransportationUnited States$8,251,702Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Uzhavarbumiuzhavarbumi.comFood and Beverage, Transportation, B2C SoftwareIndia$855,567Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
VitaBowlvitabowl.coFood and BeverageUnited States$3,000,000SeedJune 2023
Walkowalkofood.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsIndia$11,010,739Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
about t:mewww.abouttime.coffeeFood and BeverageUnited States$10,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
BBywww.bbyworld.comFood and BeverageUnited States$3,000,000SeedJune 2023
BioGreen360www.biogreen360.comEnvironment, Food and BeverageUnited States$200,000Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Dog Heroeswww.dogheroes.itPets, Food and Beverage, TransportationItaly$1,974,695SeedJune 2023
Fork Food Labwww.forkfoodlab.comFood and Beverage, Transportation, Non ProfitUnited States$1,500,000Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Future and BeverageBrazil$200,000Pre-SeedJune 2023
Flink Foodwww.goflink.comFood and Beverage, Transportation, B2C SoftwareGermany$161,668,069Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Tenzowww.gotenzo.comFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited Kingdom$5,008,928Series AJune 2023
Heura Foodswww.heurafoods.comFood and Beverage, Healthcare, B2C SoftwareSpain$3,675,675Equity CrowdfundingJune 2023
Icelandic Provisionswww.icelandicprovisions.comFood and BeverageUnited States$17,825,212Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Incredowww.incredosugar.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsIsrael$30,000,000Series CJune 2023
Kit NA Brewingwww.kitna.beerFood and Beverage, Alcohol, Retail, Consumer GoodsUnited States$2,305,093Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Miscusiwww.miscusi.comFood and BeverageItaly$10,873,500Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Nosotros Life and Spiritswww.nosotrostequila.comFood and BeverageUnited States$6,528,907Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023

Food & Beverage Startups at a Glance

  • Number of food & beverage startups in our database: 1,235
  • Number of verified email addresses in our database: 1,550
  • Number of social profiles in our database: 3,011
  • Other data points stored: 17,669
  • Total funding raised in 2023: $2,444,782,228
    • Seed: $231,887,429
    • Series A: $278,397,122
    • Series B: $369,359,625
    • Series C: $280,903,386
    • Other funding*: $1,284,234,666

*Other funding includes private equity, debt financing, and various other types of capital.

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