List of Funded Food & Beverage Startups For 2024

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We researched and compiled the latest funded food and beverage startups for you to check out. Our team gathers startup funding data every week, and we currently have a vast database of food and beverage startups.

In the table below, we listed the 100 most recent startups that have received funding rounds in this category. We also aggregated all funding stats for food and beverage companies in our master database, not just the most recent 100 (scroll to the bottom of the page to view that data). Enjoy!

Recently Funded Food & Beverage Startups

NameWebsiteIndustryCountryFunding Amount (USD)Funding TypeLast Funding Date
Sustain-a-Platesustainaplate.comAnalytics, Food and Beverage, Retail, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesPre-SeedJan 2024
sipplywww.sipp.lyArtificial Intelligence, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareCanada$100,000Pre-SeedJan 2024
Infinite Rootswww.infiniteroots.comBiotechnology, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareGermany$57,645,162Series BJan 2024
Country Delightcountrydelight.inFood and BeverageIndia$19,744,332Series EJan 2024
UniFAHSunifahs.comFood and BeverageThailand$1,400,000SeedJan 2024
Sucro Sourcingsucro.usFood and BeverageUnited States$1,159,375Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
ZeroCarb LYFEzerocarblyfe.comFood and BeverageUnited States$799,997Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Hoboken Farmshobokenfarms.comFood and BeverageUnited States$200,000Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Be and BeverageVietnam$30,326,893Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Mush Foodswww.mush-foods.comFood and BeverageIsrael$6,200,000SeedJan 2024
The baker’s dozenthebakersdozen.inFood and BeverageIndia$3,976,418SeedJan 2024
The Pink Bakerythepinkbakery.comFood and BeverageUnited States$400,000Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Chunk Foodswww.chunkfoods.comFood and BeverageIsrael$7,500,000SeedJan 2024
Akshayakalpaakshayakalpa.orgFood and Beverage, Agriculture, B2B SoftwareIndia$12,029,277Series CJan 2024
Bestar Coffeebestarcoffee.comFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareSeries AJan 2024
Picnicwww.picnic.appFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareThe Netherlands$388,465,528Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Nasekomowww.nasekomo.lifeFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareBulgaria$8,785,995Series AJan 2024
The Mediterranean Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareIsrael$17,000,000Series AJan 2024
M2 Ingredientswww.m2ingredients.comFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Meals in Minutesmealsinminutes.coFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareSingapore$1,500,000SeedJan 2024
Elo Life Systemselolife.comFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited States$20,500,000Series AJan 2024
Aniaiwww.aniai.aiFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited States$12,000,000SeedJan 2024
0njourneywww.0njourney.comFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareSouth Korea$373,234SeedJan 2024
Crosta & Mollicawww.crostamollica.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareUnited KingdomPrivate EquityJan 2024
American Unagiwww.americanunagi.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Sanzowww.drinksanzo.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareUnited States$5,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Wow! Momowww.wowmomo.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndia$49,342,331Series DJan 2024
Frejafrejafoods.comFood and Beverage, B2C Software$2,545,944SeedJan 2024
Better Juicebetter-juice.comFood and Beverage, BiotechnologyIsraelSeries AJan 2024
C16 Bioscienceswww.c16bio.comFood and Beverage, Biotechnology, B2B SoftwareUnited States$1,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Metafoodxwww.metafoodx.comFood and Beverage, Environment, B2B SoftwareUnited States$3,000,000SeedJan 2024
VRO Hospitalityvrohospitality.comFood and Beverage, Hospitality, B2C SoftwareIndia$10,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Dongpin Zaixianwww.dongpin.cnFood and Beverage, LogisticsChina$14,013,845Series CJan 2024
Seaquawww.seaqua.ioFood and Beverage, Marine, Agriculture, B2B SoftwareBangladesh$600,000SeedJan 2024
Slurrp Farmslurrpfarm.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsIndia$7,210,959Series CJan 2024
Hive Brandshivebrands.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, E-commerceUnited States$3,337,923Venture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Gopher, Incwww.gophergo.ioFood and Beverage, Transportation, B2B SoftwareUnited States$300,000SeedJan 2024
Om Mushroom Superfoodommushrooms.comNutrition and Supplements, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownJan 2024
Earthfulearthful.meNutrition and Supplements, Food and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndia$397,008Pre-SeedJan 2024
KitchenomiKskitchenomiks.comCloud Computing, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareOman$1,800,000SeedDec 2023
PatilKakipatilkaki.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndiaSeedDec 2023
G-Loveg-lovepdx.comFood and Beverage, Hospitality, B2B SoftwareUnited States$392,500SeedDec 2023
Soplayawww.soplaya.comFood and Beverage, Logistics, B2B SoftwareItaly$12,637,862Venture - Series UnknownDec 2023
Alvoar Lá and Beverage, MANU, B2B SoftwareBrazil$32,837,352Venture - Series UnknownDec 2023
Twiga Foodstwiga.comFood and Beverage, MarketplaceKenyaVenture - Series UnknownDec 2023
Better Boochwww.betterbooch.comFood and Beverage, Nutrition and Supplements, B2B SoftwareUnited States$176,457Venture - Series UnknownDec 2023
LUCKY F*CKwww.luckybevco.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited States$4,000,000SeedDec 2023
Blinkwww.blinkco.ioE-commerce, Food and Beverage, Transportation, B2C SoftwareSingapore$2,100,000SeedDec 2023
24 Mainwww.24newalbany.comFood and BeverageUnited States$75,000SeedDec 2023
Farmlessfarmless.comFood and BeverageThe Netherlands$5,203,472SeedDec 2023
Big Appetite Cobigappetiteco.aiFood and BeverageUnited KingdomSeedDec 2023
Greenswell Growersgreenswellgrowers.comFood and BeverageUnited States$486,310Venture - Series UnknownDec 2023
Carbon Mapswww.carbonmaps.ioFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareFrance$3,252,170SeedDec 2023 and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited KingdomEquity CrowdfundingDec 2023
Fantuanfantuan.caFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareCanada$40,037,899Series CDec 2023
Meatiplymeatiply.comFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareSingapore$3,750,000SeedDec 2023
DGVwww.dgv.inFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndia$5,995,850Series ADec 2023
NFANT Labswww.nfant.comFood and Beverage, Family, Healthcare, B2B SoftwareUnited States$300,000SeedDec 2023
Biryani By Kilobiryanibykilo.comFood and Beverage, Hospitality, B2B SoftwareIndia$8,639,312Series CDec 2023 and Beverage, Mobile, B2B SoftwareUnited Kingdom$3,095,196SeedDec 2023
You’re A Cookie!www.youreacookie.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited States$125,000SeedDec 2023
Milano Vicewww.milano-vice.deFood and Beverage, Virtual Reality, B2B SoftwareGermany$8,961,366Series ADec 2023
Friendlierfriendlier.caFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareCanada$3,685,290SeedDec 2023
Inspectle Foodwww.inspectle.onlineFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareEstonia$431,411Pre-SeedDec 2023
Cloveclove.kitchenFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwarePhilippines$2,721,568SeedDec 2023
Burger Singhburgersinghonline.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndiaSeries BDec 2023
CJ and Beverage, B2C SoftwareSouth Korea$53,966,913Private EquityDec 2023
Guacwww.tryguac.coFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited States$2,300,000SeedDec 2023
Ever Fresh Fruiteverfreshfruit.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareUnited StatesPrivate EquityDec 2023
Vilo Gelatovilogelato.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndonesiaVenture - Series UnknownDec 2023
Hogrwww.hogr.appFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndia$1,204,687SeedDec 2023
NFANT Labswww.nfant.comFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareUnited States$587,500Venture - Series UnknownDec 2023
MangoPointwww.mangopoint.inFood and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndia$420,735Venture - Series UnknownDec 2023
Quark Babyquarkbaby.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2B SoftwareCanada$1,000,000SeedDec 2023
Farmleywww.farmley.comNutrition and Supplements, Wellness, Food and Beverage, B2C SoftwareIndia$6,743,585Series BDec 2023
Shala Shikewww.shalashike.comFood and Beverage, Logistics, B2B SoftwareChina$13,995,801Series ADec 2023
Acaiaacaia.coFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited States$4,500,000Venture - Series UnknownDec 2023
ZenWTRzenwtr.comUtilities, Food and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited StatesSeries BDec 2023
Awfarwww.awfar.ioE-commerce, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareEgyptSeedNov 2023
Onnowwww.onnow.ioFood and BeverageBangladeshSeedNov 2023
Tupuheytupu.comFood and Beverage, Agriculture, B2B SoftwareGermany$3,179,320SeedNov 2023
Cosmicwww.cosmiccoffeebeer.comFood and Beverage, Alcohol, B2C SoftwareUnited States$1,475,000Venture - Series UnknownNov 2023
Personal Sommelierswww.personalsommeliers.comFood and Beverage, Professional ServicesUnited StatesSeedNov 2023
OneHubPOSwww.onehubpos.comFood and Beverage, Retail, B2B SoftwareUnited States$1,999,999SeedNov 2023
FroGogofrogo.inFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2B SoftwareIndia$1,153,331SeedNov 2023
Sweet Karam Coffeewww.sweetkaramcoffee.inFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareIndia$1,501,447Venture - Series UnknownNov 2023
Huelhuel.comNutrition and Supplements, Food and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited Kingdom$82,500,000Venture - Series UnknownNov 2023
AIG Asia Ingredientswww.asiagroup-vn.comFood and BeverageVietnamPrivate EquityNov 2023
Mais and Supplements, Wellness, Food and Beverage, B2C SoftwareBrazilVenture - Series UnknownNov 2023
Zeptowww.zeptonow.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareIndia$31,250,000Series ENov 2023
Dreamfarmdream-farm.itFood and Beverage, Agriculture, B2B SoftwareItaly$5,368,124Pre-SeedNov 2023
Nūmiwww.numi.lifeHealthcare, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareFrance$3,212,153Pre-SeedNov 2023
Heali AIheali.aiHealthcare, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareUnited States$3,000,000SeedNov 2023
Loadswww.loads.clFood and Beverage, B2B SoftwareChile$2,050,000SeedNov 2023
ATW Delivery Brandsatw.deliveryTransportation, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareBrazil$2,000,000Series ANov 2023
Natchnatchsnacks.comFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer GoodsIndia$360,202SeedNov 2023
Solar Foodssolarfoods.comAgriculture, Food and Beverage, B2B SoftwareFinland$8,667,708Series BNov 2023
Quwww.qubeyond.comFood and BeverageUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownNov 2023
Pricepally.compricepally.comFood and BeverageNigeria$1,300,000SeedNov 2023
LocalCohowww.localcoho.comFood and Beverage, AgricultureUnited StatesSeedNov 2023

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Food & Beverage Startups at a Glance

  • Number of food & beverage startups in our database: 1,429
  • Number of verified email addresses in our database: 1,802
  • Number of social profiles in our database: 3,438
  • Other data points stored: 20,482
  • Total funding raised in 2023: $3,580,368,429
    • Seed: $345,560,458
    • Series A: $501,546,782
    • Series B: $467,770,918
    • Series C: $374,580,357
    • Other funding*: $1,890,909,914
  • Total funding raised in 2024: $686,854,221

*Other funding includes private equity, debt financing, and various other types of capital.

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