List of Funded Food & Beverage Startups For 2024

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We researched and compiled the latest funded food and beverage startups for you to check out. Our team gathers startup funding data every week, and we currently have a vast database of food and beverage startups.

In the table below, we listed the 100 most recent startups that have received funding rounds in this category. We also aggregated all funding stats for food and beverage companies in our master database, not just the most recent 100 (scroll to the bottom of the page to view that data). Enjoy!

Recently Funded Food & Beverage Startups

NameWebsiteIndustryCountryFunding Amount (USD)Funding TypeLast Funding Date
GrubTechwww.grubtech.comFood and BeverageUnited Arab Emirates$15,000,000Series BJun 2024
YoLa Freshwww.yolafresh.comFood and BeverageMorocco$7,000,000SeedJun 2024
Newmoonewmoofoods.comFood and BeverageIsrael$7,000,000SeedJun 2024
Skippi Ice Popsskippi.inFood and BeverageIndia$1,203,154SeedJun 2024
Nutrumamiwww.nutrumami.comFood and Beverage$486,445Pre-SeedJun 2024
Bossowww.bosso.itFood and BeverageItaly$400,000Pre-SeedJun 2024
Beans Coffee Clubbeanscoffeeclub.comRetail, Food and BeverageUnited Kingdom$80,022Equity CrowdfundingJun 2024
Blueberry Protocolblueberry.gardenFood and BeveragePanama$2,500,000Series AJun 2024
Cookie3cookie3.coFood and BeverageEstonia$5,500,000Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024
Cybele's Free-to-Eatwww.cybelesfreetoeat.comFood and BeverageUnited States$700,000Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024
Manpuku Holdingsmanpuku-hd.jpFood and BeverageJapan$7,632,325Series BJun 2024
The Cuoppo Company Hdpwww.ilcuoppo.itFood and BeverageItaly$258,507Equity CrowdfundingJun 2024
Efoods and Beverage, E-commerceZimbabweVenture - Series UnknownJun 2024
The Chuckling Cheese and Beverage, RetailUnited Kingdom$140,485Equity CrowdfundingJun 2024
Base Culturebaseculture.comFood and BeverageUnited States$2,698,649Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024
Creme Castlecremecastle.inFood and BeverageIndia$837,895SeedJun 2024
Living Thingsdrinklivingthings.comFood and BeverageUnited Kingdom$637,266Pre-SeedJun 2024
The Leaf Protein Companywww.theleafprotein.comFood and Beverage, HealthcareAustralia$562,466Pre-SeedJun 2024
Gin & Luckwww.ginandluck.comFood and Beverage, HospitalityUnited States$229,225Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024 and Beverage, HospitalityUnited Kingdom$1,586,346Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024
Onse Caserooncecasero.comFood and Beverage, TransportationSouth KoreaSeedJun 2024
THISthis.coFood and BeverageUnited Kingdom$25,405,858Series CJun 2024
Ever After Foodseverafterfoods.comFood and BeverageIsrael$10,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024
The Picklrthepicklr.comFood and BeverageUnited States$9,000,000Series BJun 2024
Lazy Cocktails & Colazycocktail.comFood and BeverageIndiaSeedJun 2024
Rockitrockitbeverages.comFood and BeverageIndia$718,408Pre-SeedJun 2024
It's Skinnyitsskinny.comFood and BeverageUnited States$3,819,695Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024
Go Zeroletsgozero.inFood and BeverageIndia$1,500,000SeedJun 2024
VCR Groupvcrgroup.comFood and Beverage, HospitalityUnited States$635,000Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024
Frootswww.froots.ioFood and Beverage, RetailAustria$2,681,494SeedJun 2024
Eatreatr.comFood and Beverage, TransportationUnited Arab Emirates$350,000Venture - Series UnknownJun 2024
Two Brothers Organic Farmstwobrothersindiashop.comE-commerce, Food and BeverageIndia$6,980,721Series AJun 2024
Oatsideoatside.comFood and BeverageSingapore$35,352,640Series BJun 2024
Sid's Farmwww.sidsfarm.comFood and BeverageIndia$9,946,778Series AJun 2024
Alsaree3alsaree3.comFood and BeverageIraqSeries AJun 2024
MOAwww.moafoodtech.comFood and BeverageSpain$3,220,439Series AJun 2024
Bazooka Candy Brandsbazookacandybrandsinternational.comFood and BeverageUnited KingdomPrivate EquityMay 2024
Maia Farmsmaiafarms.caFood and Beverage, AgricultureCanada$1,676,422Pre-SeedMay 2024
Qromoqromo.itFood and Beverage, HospitalityItaly$1,071,449SeedMay 2024
Berto's Milanesawww.bertosmilanesa.comFood and Beverage, HospitalitySpain$1,069,766Series AMay 2024
Joppywww.joppy.meFood and Beverage, HospitalitySpain$567,282Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
Getirgetir.ukFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, E-commerceTurkeyVenture - Series UnknownMay 2024
GO DESigodesi.inFood and Beverage, Retail, Consumer Goods, E-commerceIndia$4,911,220Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
Pure Simple Foodspurelysprouted.comNutrition and Supplements, Food and Beverage, WellnessUnited States$1,306,881Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
Chowdeckchowdeck.comTransportation, Food and Beverage, Marketplace, HospitalityNigeria$2,500,000SeedMay 2024
Meatimeati.comFood and BeverageUnited States$100,000,000Series CMay 2024
Voyage Foodswww.voyagefoods.comFood and BeverageUnited States$52,000,000Series AMay 2024
Chip City Cookieswww.chipcitycookies.comFood and BeverageUnited States$7,500,000Series BMay 2024
Verdereverdere.bgFood and BeverageBulgariaSeedMay 2024
Because Coffeebecause.coffeeFood and BeverageUnited States$3,857,000SeedMay 2024
Klariscraftklaris.comFood and BeverageUnited States$750,204SeedMay 2024
Ceemeceeme.coFood and BeverageUnited States$500,000Pre-SeedMay 2024
The Betel Leaf Co.thebetelleafco.comE-commerce, Food and BeverageIndia$1,198,611Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
ByHeartbyheart.comFamily, Food and BeverageUnited States$95,000,000Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
Throne SPORT COFFEEsportcoffee.comFood and BeverageSeedMay 2024
All Things and BeverageUnited Kingdom$2,756,160SeedMay 2024
Krispyhousewww.krispyhouse.comFood and BeverageUnited Kingdom$1,650,181Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
Freshtastewww.freshtaste.deFood and BeverageGermany$1,294,019SeedMay 2024
Incrediblewww.getincredible.comFood and BeverageUnited Kingdom$1,000,000Pre-SeedMay 2024
Restaurant365www.restaurant365.comFood and Beverage, Cloud ComputingUnited States$175,000,000Private EquityMay 2024
Chamberlain Coffeechamberlaincoffee.comFood and Beverage, RetailUnited States$4,609,292Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
Tappawww.tappa.comFood and Beverage, TransportationUnited States$4,900,000SeedMay 2024
OneOrderwww.oneorder.netFood and BeverageEgypt$16,000,000Series AMay 2024
Donovan Food Brokeragedonovanfoodbrokerage.comFood and BeverageUnited StatesPrivate EquityMay 2024
SuperKalamsuperkalam.comFood and BeverageIndia$1,958,148SeedMay 2024
Octane Coffeewww.getoctanecoffee.comFood and BeverageUnited States$750,000Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
Peruvian Veefperuvianveef.comFood and BeverageColombia$320,000Pre-SeedMay 2024
Freshleaf Teasfreshleafteas.comFood and BeverageIndia$120,177SeedMay 2024
Yarp foodsyarpfoodltd.comFood and Beverage$35,000SeedMay 2024
Fort Collins Breweryfortcollinsbrewery.comFood and Beverage, AlcoholUnited States$15,500,000Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
Gagnon-Kennedy Vineyardswww.gkvwine.comFood and Beverage, RetailUnited States$200,000Venture - Series UnknownMay 2024
FOODewww.foode.usFood and BeverageUnited States$645,000SeedApr 2024
Reducedreduced.dkFood and BeverageDenmark$6,506,456SeedApr 2024
The Happy Companywww.chaicup.coFood and BeverageIndia$500,000SeedApr 2024
Nice Ricewearenicerice.comFood and Beverage, Retail, B2B SoftwareUnited Kingdom$704,303Pre-SeedApr 2024
Delivery Collectivedeliverycollective.comFood and Beverage, Transportation, B2B SoftwareUnited States$3,800,000SeedApr 2024
The Fresh Pressthefreshpress.inFood and Beverage, WellnessIndiaSeedApr 2024
Marshall Steakhousemarshallsteakhouse.comHospitality, Food and Beverage, B2C SoftwareUnited States$200,000SeedApr 2024
Bitegetbite.comCloud Computing, Hospitality, Food and BeverageUnited States$9,000,000Series AApr 2024
Buyers Edge Platformwww.buyersedgeplatform.comFood and BeverageUnited States$425,000,000Private EquityApr 2024
Oatboxwww.oatbox.comFood and BeverageCanada$3,682,424Venture - Series UnknownApr 2024
JUICERwww.juicerpricing.comSales, Food and Beverage, HospitalityUnited States$5,300,000SeedApr 2024
OlsAroolsaro.comAgriculture, Food and Beverage$2,652,517SeedApr 2024
Saveggysaveggy.comAgriculture, Food and BeverageSweden$1,871,424SeedApr 2024
My Emissionsmyemissions.greenCloud Computing, Food and BeverageUnited Kingdom$1,618,939SeedApr 2024
Cookonnectwww.cookonnect.comFood and BeverageUnited States$1,000,000Pre-SeedApr 2024
Flink Foodwww.goflink.comFood and BeverageGermany$106,244,747Venture - Series UnknownApr 2024
Jago Coffeewww.jagocoffee.comFood and BeverageIndonesia$6,000,000Series AApr 2024
Mosa Meatwww.mosameat.comFood and BeverageThe Netherlands$42,440,273Venture - Series UnknownApr 2024
NEN ROASTING CO.www.nen.coffeeFood and BeverageIndia$36,023Convertible NoteApr 2024
DocsInBoxdocsinbox.aeFood and Beverage, Cloud Computing, Data, HospitalityUnited Arab Emirates$500,000Venture - Series UnknownApr 2024
Wow! Momowww.wowmomo.comFood and Beverage, HospitalityIndia$8,367,600Series DApr 2024
Preplocalpreplocal.comFood and Beverage, TransportationAustralia$1,287,415Pre-SeedApr 2024
Bright Planet Petwww.brightplanetpet.comPets, Food and BeverageUnited StatesSeedApr 2024, Food and BeverageAustralia$1,679,001Series AApr 2024
Edoniawww.edonia.euAgriculture, Food and BeverageFrance$2,145,121Pre-SeedApr 2024
AeroFarmswww.aerofarms.comAgriculture, Food and BeverageUnited States$4,979,811Venture - Series UnknownApr 2024
Roscas Financial, Food and BeverageSeedApr 2024
GoBEBAgobeba.comE-commerce, Food and BeverageKenya$200,000Pre-SeedApr 2024
Edenesqueedenesque.comE-commerce, Food and Beverage, AgricultureUnited States$175,000Venture - Series UnknownApr 2024

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Food & Beverage Startups at a Glance

  • Number of food & beverage startups in our database: 1,636
  • Number of verified email addresses in our database: 2,044
  • Number of social profiles in our database: 3,868
  • Other data points stored: 23,536
  • Total funding raised in 2023: $3,580,368,429
    • Seed: $345,560,458
    • Series A: $501,546,782
    • Series B: $467,770,918
    • Series C: $374,580,357
    • Other funding*: $1,890,909,914
  • Total funding raised in 2024: $2,787,000,349

*Other funding includes private equity, debt financing, and various other types of capital.

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