List of Funded Real Estate Startups For 2023

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Take a look at our latest research on funded real estate startups. We gather funding data every week and currently have a huge database of real estate startups.

Below, you’ll find data on the most recent 100 real estate startups with funding rounds. We also listed aggregate funding stats below the table for all the real estate companies in our master database.

Recently Funded Real Estate Startups

NameWebsiteIndustryCountryFunding Amount (USD)Funding TypeLast Funding Date
Promise Roboticspromiserobotics.comConstruction, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareCanada$14,989,122Series ANov 2023
Cedarcedar.buildConstruction, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited States$3,000,000SeedNov 2023
Vridhi Home Financewww.vridhihomefinance.comFinance, B2B Software, Real EstateIndia$18,017,369Series ANov 2023
Hotel Investment Partnershipartners.comHospitality, Investing, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareSpainPrivate EquityNov 2023
WealthParkwealth-park.comInvesting, Real Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareJapan$8,992,734Series CNov 2023
Jugyahwww.jugyah.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareIndiaSeedNov 2023
Landmark Dividendwww.landmarkdividend.comReal Estate, Investing, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownNov 2023
Prop.comprop.comReal Estate, Investing, B2B SoftwareLithuania$3,000,000SeedNov 2023
Final Offerwww.finaloffer.comReal Estate, Marketplace, B2B SoftwareUnited States$5,000,000Series ANov 2023
Funnelfunnelleasing.comReal Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareUnited States$32,000,000Series BNov 2023
Encheres Immowww.encheres-immo.comReal Estate, Sales, B2B SoftwareFrance$1,480,679SeedNov 2023
AtlasPro AIatlaspro.aiReal Estate, Construction, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesPre-SeedNov 2023
Ajrasajras.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareSaudi Arabia$28,000,000SeedNov 2023
mogul clubwww.mogul.clubReal Estate, Investing, B2B SoftwareUnited States$3,600,000SeedNov 2023
Fymafyma.aiData, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareEstonia$2,100,000SeedNov 2023
Audience Townwww.audiencetown.comAnalytics, Real Estate, B2C SoftwareUnited States$2,000,000SeedNov 2023
bnbfinderwww.bnbfinder.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited States$1,609,997SeedNov 2023
Nesterwww.nestersoftware.comReal Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareSpain$1,288,349SeedNov 2023
GetSetHomewww.getsethome.comReal Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareIndia$996,825SeedNov 2023
Machine Wisemachinewise.ioReal Estate, B2B SoftwarePortugalSeedNov 2023
Praefypraefy.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareSpain$130,575Pre-SeedNov 2023
Virdee Inc.virdee.coReal Estate, Cloud Computing, Property Management, B2B SoftwareUnited States$12,400,000Series ANov 2023
Realty Landscapingwww.realtylandscaping.comReal Estate, Construction, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesPrivate EquityNov 2023
Dwellsywww.dwellsy.comReal Estate, Property Management, B2C SoftwareUnited States$11,500,000SeedNov 2023
Rabburabbu.comData, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited States$610,930Venture - Series UnknownNov 2023
Hantohanto.coReal EstateIndia$1,800,234SeedNov 2023
Kafenewww.kafene.comReal Estate, Finance, B2B SoftwareUnited States$12,600,000Series BOct 2023
Safelysafely.comReal Estate, Insurance, B2B SoftwareUnited States$8,000,000Venture - Series UnknownOct 2023
Kozystaywww.kozystay.comHospitality, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareIndonesia$1,500,000SeedOct 2023
Nooka Spacewww.nookaspace.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareRomania$2,102,795SeedOct 2023
Kraaftwww.kraaft.coReal Estate, B2B SoftwareFrance$3,376,560SeedOct 2023
Habytwww.habyt.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareGermany$42,055,902Series COct 2023
Jugyahwww.jugyah.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareIndiaSeedOct 2023
Style Estate, Virtual Reality, B2B SoftwareJapanSeries DOct 2023
RIOSonrios.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareCanada$1,097,855SeedOct 2023
Cecilian Partnerscecilianpartners.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownOct 2023 Estate, Cloud Computing, Property Management, B2B SoftwareThailand$953,159Series AOct 2023
Lottielottie.orgReal Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareUnited Kingdom$20,008,321Series AOct 2023
WORQworq.spaceReal Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareMalaysiaSeries BOct 2023
bublwww.bubl.spaceReal Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited States$300,000SeedOct 2023
Federa Inc.www.federa.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesSeries AOct 2023
HqOwww.hqo.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited States$50,000,000Series DOct 2023
NE&C Windows & Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited Kingdom$182,379Venture - Series UnknownOct 2023
Anyplacewww.anyplace.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited States$8,270,000Series BOct 2023
E2M Ventureswww.e2mventures.comReal Estate, Investing, Finance, B2B SoftwareUnited States$50,000,000Private EquityOct 2023
RE-Sureresure-re.comReal Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareUnited States$38,000SeedOct 2023
OnSiteIQonsiteiq.ioConstruction, Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence, B2B SoftwareUnited States$14,000,000Series BOct 2023
HostUwww.joinhostu.comEducation, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownOct 2023
The Landbanking Groupthelandbankinggroup.comInvesting, Finance, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareGermany$11,000,000SeedOct 2023
Qdesqwww.qdesq.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareIndiaVenture - Series UnknownOct 2023
Ejariejari.saReal Estate, B2B SoftwareSaudi Arabia$999,659Pre-SeedOct 2023
Splitting Mesplitting.meReal Estate, Investing, B2B SoftwareSingapore$200,000Pre-SeedOct 2023
Nomad Homesnomadhomes.coReal Estate, Investing, B2C SoftwareUnited Arab Emirates$20,000,000Series AOct 2023
Keyperrealkeyper.comReal Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareUnited Arab Emirates$6,500,000SeedOct 2023
Jittyjitty.comReal Estate, B2C Software$2,000,000Pre-SeedSep 2023
Cardeal.appwww.cardeal.appReal Estate, Investing, B2B SoftwareBrazilPre-SeedSep 2023
Everyinvestevery.coReal Estate, Investing, HealthcareUnited States$1,000,000SeedSep 2023
Token Z Labswww.tokenzlabs.comReal Estate, Marketplace, Blockchain, B2B SoftwareCanadaPre-SeedSep 2023
LeaseSurancewww.leasesurance.coReal Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareSouth Africa$160,702SeedSep 2023
Urbexurbx.ioVirtual Reality, Marketplace, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareChilePre-SeedSep 2023
Alixwww.meetalix.comArtificial Intelligence, Real EstateUnited States$5,500,000SeedSep 2023
Tradeteqwww.tradeteq.comMarketplace, Real Estate, FinTech, FinanceUnited Kingdom$12,500,000Series ASep 2023
Unibo Neobankholaunibo.comProperty Management, FinTech, Finance, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareSpain$1,287,886SeedSep 2023 Management, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareColombia$250,000SeedSep 2023
Digsdigs.comReal Estate, B2C SoftwareUnited States$13,373,162Venture - Series UnknownSep 2023
Clay Financialclay.financialReal Estate, FinTech, Finance, B2B SoftwareCanada$1,248,978Pre-SeedSep 2023
Realbrickswww.realbricks.comReal Estate, InvestingUnited States$2,000,000SeedSep 2023
DoorFeeddoorfeed.comReal Estate, Investing, Artificial IntelligenceFranceSeedSep 2023
Pangu New Energyparagonage.comReal Estate, ArchitectureChinaSeedSep 2023
Mighty Buildingswww.mightybuildings.comCommunity, Real Estate, Construction, 3D, MaterialsUnited States$52,000,000Series CSep 2023
Kin Insurancewww.kin.comInsurance, Real EstateUnited States$33,000,000Series DSep 2023
Delos Insurancegetdelos.comInsurance, Real Estate, Artificial Intelligence, B2B SoftwareUnited States$7,300,000SeedSep 2023
Hyppowww.hyppo.immoReal Estate, Property ManagementFrance$3,214,180SeedSep 2023
HotelYaarihotelyaari.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareIndia$2,168,583SeedSep 2023
Roamwww.withroam.comReal Estate, Finance$1,250,000SeedSep 2023
Casalistcasalist.coSales, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareColombia$120,000Pre-SeedSep 2023
Smarter Remodelinggeneralcontractorjax.comConstruction, Real Estate, Architecture, B2B SoftwareUnited States$100,000SeedSep 2023
Openlyopenly.comInsurance, Real EstateUnited States$100,000,000Series DSep 2023
Cecilian Partnerscecilianpartners.comReal Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited States$11,000,000Series ASep 2023
qbiqwww.qbiq.aiReal Estate, Architecture, B2B SoftwareIsrael$10,000,000SeedSep 2023
Norbannorban.seReal Estate, Marketplace, B2B SoftwareSweden$2,226,380Venture - Series UnknownSep 2023
Redcurryredcurry.coReal Estate, FinTech, FinanceEstonia$426,712Pre-SeedSep 2023
Green Home Solutions Companygreenhomesolutions.comHome Services, Real Estate, B2C SoftwareUnited StatesPrivate EquitySep 2023
Picklewww.shoponpickle.comMarketplace, Real Estate, B2B SoftwareUnited States$8,500,000Venture - Series UnknownSep 2023
Luxury Presencewww.luxurypresence.comB2B Software, Architecture, Real EstateUnited States$19,200,000Series BAug 2023
Local Logicwww.locallogic.coReal Estate, B2B SoftwareCanada$13,109,380Series BAug 2023
GOROwww.goro.idInvesting, Real Estate, B2B Software, FinanceIndonesia$1,000,000Pre-SeedAug 2023
Matrixian Groupmatrixiangroup.comReal Estate, Analytics, B2C SoftwareThe Netherlands$1,646,256Venture - Series UnknownAug 2023
InnerSpacewww.innerspace.ioReal Estate, B2B SoftwareCanada$7,462,603Series AAug 2023 Estate, B2C SoftwareBrazil$100,000,000Series DAug 2023 Estate, Marketplace, B2B SoftwareGermanyPre-SeedAug 2023
Skyline Roboticsskylinerobotics.comReal Estate, Robotics, Property Management, B2B SoftwareIsrael$3,350,000SeedAug 2023
Total Partnerstotal-partners.comEnergy, Real Estate, Finance, EntertainmentUnited States$70,000SeedAug 2023
Crowdacrowda.ioArtificial Intelligence, Real Estate, Property ManagementUnited States$1,000,000Pre-SeedAug 2023
Metrocmetroc.aiConstruction, Real EstateFinland$2,158,016SeedAug 2023
Deboswww.debos.aiReal Estate, B2B SoftwareSpain$1,636,448SeedJul 2023
Project Ferrowww.projectferro.comReal Estate, Insurance$100,000Venture - Series UnknownJul 2023
Varashakti Housing, Real Estate, Property Management, B2B SoftwareIndia$4,277,238Series AJul 2023
Modivesmodives.comInsurance, Property Management, Real EstateUnited States$3,000,000SeedJul 2023
OneDegreewww.onedegree.hkInsurance, Real Estate, Healthcare, PetsHong Kong$27,000,000Series BJul 2023

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Real Estate Startups at a Glance

  • Number of real estate startups in our database: 963
  • Number of verified email addresses in our database: 1,318
  • Number of social profiles in our database: 2,618
  • Other data points stored: 13,398
  • Total funding raised in 2023: $4,720,256,578
    • Seed: $336,425,000
    • Series A: $279,836,851
    • Series B: $320,435,557
    • Series C: $146,048,636
    • Other funding*: $3,637,510,534

*Other funding includes private equity, debt financing, and various other types of capital.

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