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Company Funding (USD) Funding Type
$30,000,000Series C
$6,500,000Series A
$12,000,000Series A
$100,000,000Series C
$35,000,000Series B
$85,000,000Series G
$5,000,000Series A
$250,000,000Series G
$10,000,000Series B
$8,000,000Series A
$16,500,000Series A
$13,800,000Series A
$31,400,000Series A
$20,000,000Series A
$8,210,100Series A
$77,651,809Series C
$56,000,000Series B
$33,000,000Series B
$24,000,000Series B
$100,000,000Series B
$6,650,549Series B
$12,000,000Series A
$50,000,000Series A
$17,100,000Series B
$150,000,000Series E
$750,000,000Series F
$92,697,019Series B
$2,000,000Post-IPO Equity
$45,000,000Series B
$30,000,000Series B
$3,135,606Series B
$72,000,000Series D
$4,963,406Series C
$21,935,276Series B
$40,000,000Series C
$9,000,000Series A
$20,000,000Series A
$14,449,405Series C
$14,335,889Series B
$56,200,000Series A
$14,154,682Series B
$30,000,000Series B
$5,700,000Series A
$40,000,000Series D
$28,126,792Series B
$30,000,000Series C
$10,000,000Series A
$500,000Series A
$40,000,000Series B
$36,000,000Series D
$7,083,758Series A
$30,000,000Series B
$25,000,000Series C
$36,000,000Series B
$2,758,145Series A
$263,000,000Series B
$23,000,000Series B
$15,553,084Series A
$20,000,000Series B