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A comprehensive list of the best email newsletters for entrepreneurs.

It’s Monday morning and you’re sitting with your morning coffee, bracing yourself for another busy week as a frontline entrepreneur. The excitement of the task at hand quickly wears off when you open your bursting inbox to an overwhelming waterfall of useless spam business emails, selling this and that ‘growth hack’ for a small fortune.

Wouldn’t it be more refreshing to look forward to a good shrewd read that’s actually helpful to you? As an entrepreneur, no doubt, you’ve been in need of some true inspiration without the mundanity and regularity of click-bait suggesting the same tired routines. Well, look no further.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of some of the best and brightest email newsletters for entrepreneurs, to stimulate your mind and rouse your creativity from its depths of cluttered inbox despair. Whether you’re looking for ideas on how to optimize your processes, market more efficiently, or organize your finances, you’ll find these newsletters span the business disciplines to provide you with expert advice and insightful content to light your entrepreneurial spark once again.

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Here are the best email newsletters startup founders…


This newsletter is aimed at remote workers and boosting productivity. If you’re an entrepreneur from home, this email newsletter provides tips on how to manage your workload and enhance your working environment, alongside interviews with influential entrepreneurs and job postings. If you’re struggling to feel motivated by your bustling local coffee shop, this may be the newsletter for you.


YCombinator is a forward-thinking, fast-developing venture capital company, that has backed some of the most influential startups, such as Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, and Reddit. The newsletter/blog is a vibrant mix of multimedia content, including guest posts and interviews with influential entrepreneurs. For startups, this newsletter is a must as it provides sharp insights into funding projects, business technology, and how-tos, assisting you with getting your company off the ground. The newsletter also keeps you up-to-date with other projects across a wealth of industry sectors, as well as informs you of prominent upcoming events.

Axios Future

Axios Future is all about being cutting edge. For entrepreneurs working on the brink of paradigm shifts, this is the newsletter for you. Bringing you daily worthwhile insights into the hot new trends in business – such as blockchain, AI, social entrepreneurship, and environmental breakthroughs – this newsletter spans a broad range of topics to open conversation about how we can all push forward. The newsletter also gives you a selection of links to further reading if you crave a little something more to get your brain stuck into.

Wall Street Journal What’s News

The Wall Street Journal newsletter is an oldy but a goody. It is written in a very conventional journalistic way and keeps you updated with news stories across business, politics, and technology. The newsletter is free but does have a paywall, so bear that in mind. As an all-rounder, this is a great source for entrepreneurs to stay current, plus it has the added advantage of including stories from other sources in its compilation.

Requests For Startups

Requests for Startups is a weekly newsletter that provides insight and inspiration for startups and entrepreneurs. The content is curated by investors, influencers, and advisors from a variety of fields and looks to provide resources and news on the advancements in society that are coming out of new companies worldwide. The newsletter provides updates on cutting-edge research along with announcements in various industry sectors, while also providing links to tutorials and how-tos that will help to motivate your creativity.

Start in the South

This newsletter is aimed at providing a community for early-stage founders who aren’t based in big business cities, such as London or San Francisco. Written by Krit, an app design company, the newsletter provides a 5-minute weekly lesson on how to improve your business’ image and process. The topics range from hiring processes to font colors, while the company also serves as a place where entrepreneurs can talk with like-minded people and hold themselves accountable to their goals.

Product Psychology

This newsletter is a little more out of the box and focuses on helping entrepreneurs understand consumer behavior in order to better position their product lines for higher sales and reputation growth. The team is made up of professional product psychologists who work in corporate environments, while the blog is their attempt to share that knowledge in an actionable way. The newsletter also informs its readers of prestigious events and useful tools and resources.

Strategy and Business

Strategy and Business is a newsletter that does exactly what it says on the tin – it provides insight and resources into leadership and business strategy while honing in on some of the key problem areas for businesses – such as equal rights, company structure, misconduct procedures, etc. The content is a mixture of created and curated work, arming you with a plethora of perceptions from a wide variety of reputable sources.


Nav is about funding and credit scores. For entrepreneurs looking to manage the financial side of their companies, Nav is a great tool to assist in preparing your company for funding and finding routes to loans and investment. The newsletter gives you a whole host of suggestions on how to improve your business’s financial status and credit score, to make yourself more attractive to funders. The weekly rundown also guides you toward appropriate financial products for your company, as well as advice on how to use them effectively.

Startup Digest

Run by Techstars, this newsletter covers global business topics. You’ll find a range of curated content that includes recommendations from influencers, scientific and technologICAL breakthroughs, research, resources, and trend analysis. The focus is on startups, but this newsletter supplies worthwhile content for anyone running a company or project.


Zapier keeps you and your business up-to-date with innovative new tech that improves productivity. Covering the brand new apps that pop up on the scene for businesses, Zapier is a very popular newsletter for those looking to redesign their systematic processes and improve their procedures to enhance profit and reach goals sooner. You’ll find this newsletter has an abundance of tips and tricks on how to automate tasks and optimize resource usage, while also providing long-form reviews on all the latest apps and tools you may need to make this process a little smoother.

Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a great daily read, giving an overview of finance and business in a concise and well-written format. There’s a touch of humor to the writing that prevents it from being as stiff as traditional finance and business journalism. If you’re especially busy, this is a great way to stay informed as they take relatively complex stories and manage to condense them to include all the relevant information without the waffle.

CB Insights

As a company, CB Insights focuses on business intelligence with a huge focus on research to understand what’s driving technology, innovation, and business in general. Their newsletter is extremely insightful, backed by high-quality research. However, unlike most tech-focused newsletters, this isn’t written in complicated analyst-style jargon. Instead, the compelling writing provides you with an entertaining look into some of the trends and patterns occurring in business and technology, to help you understand what’s driving innovation and the economy. Their newsletters incorporate infographics, videos, curated articles, and report summaries.


GrowthLab is another newsletter headed by Ramit Sethi, but bolstered by a team of experts on growth hackers. This newsletter focuses on online businesses and provides you with the tools to widen your target audience and increase your profit margins. The newsletter hands out easy-to-follow how-tos tackling a range of issues faced by online businesses attempting to grow, while providing case studies that help to showcase these methods across a range of niches. For the digital entrepreneur – especially those just starting out – this newsletter is a must.

5-Bullet Friday

Authored by Tim Ferriss, this weekly newsletter is a compilation of the five things he’s found to be attractive or interesting during the week. A reputable lecturer and author of ‘Four Hour Work Week’, Ferriss is a dab hand at improving the business process in order to enhance productivity. For investors and entrepreneurs looking to get involved in cutting-edge projects, Ferriss gives an edgy insight into what’s on the market today, as well as some suggestions and hacks of how to improve your operational processes.

Annette Stepanian

Stepanian is a commercial lawyer who focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs get to grips with the legal aspects of running a business, calling herself your legal BFF. This newsletter hones in on exactly that, providing a rundown of all the key legal points of starting and running businesses. While entrepreneurs often forget these vital steps, this newsletter gives you simple-to-follow pointers on how to write contracts, follow legal processes, copyright your work, conquer legal battles, and so on. It’s a podcast so it differs a little from the other newsletters, but the website also has a library with a backlog of all her previous episodes, organized by topic.


Foundr is focusing on building an online community and resource center to help self-made entrepreneurs build up their empires. The newsletter provides a refreshing blend of their online content in a multimedia fashion, ranging from interview podcasts with influential business minds, to strategic methods for growing your company, and thoughtful opinion pieces that delve into hot topics in today’s business world. They also have a library of courses to assist you in building your own skill set as a leader. With a real anchor in the start-up revolution, this newsletter mostly caters to those taking their first steps in business but is a useful tool for anyone searching for tactics to improve their projects.

Fast Company

If you’re looking for versatility, this is the place to come. With a large number of newsletters ready to go, Fast Company is a one-stop shop for business newsletters. The site allows you to choose the topics that interest you as well as the frequency in which you’d like to receive the newsletters and then helps you make coordinated choices based on your preferences. The newsletters stretch innumerable topics including business ethics, management, leadership, economics, philanthropy, and technology. For the diverse entrepreneur, this is a good spot to visit to craft a kaleidoscope of reading material that suits your specific needs.

Money Stuff

Another finance-oriented newsletter, Money Stuff is penned by Matt Levine, a financial columnist for Bloomberg. The weekday email covers four to five topics in-depth, providing Levine’s well-researched input into those important matters. He’s a witty writer who breaks down complex concepts into bite-size chunks for the layman to understand, helping you to grasp some of the heftier financial concerns that may affect you as an entrepreneur. While mostly angled toward finance, this newsletter pulls from various areas of business including tech, global politics, energy management, and so on.

Guy Kawasaki

The Chief Evangelist of Canva, an online design app, Guy Kawasaki provides first-hand guidance as a premium entrepreneur. His blog focuses on helping you to build your company productively, with a strong slant toward the tech industry. You’ll find the newsletter comes with a range of tips and tricks from Guy himself, as well as tech reviews and how-tos. A great blog for those looking to build their company from the inside out, Guy typically helps you to look at how to pick advisors, how to analyze your company’s needs, how to pitch your idea, and so on.


Mattermark is a data-driven machine learning platform that helps companies close deals. Their newsletter has two main audiences: venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. If you’re looking for guidance on operational strategies, finance options, hiring tips, marketing, HR, and so on, this newsletter has it all. For investors, the newsletter also delves into issues about improving yourself as a board member and advisor, fund management, change metrics, as well as insights into upcoming projects worth taking into account.


Trello is an organizational tool that helps you to manage the multiple operations within your business. Their newsletter focuses on this, providing key tips on how to organize your projects efficiently in order to increase productivity and employee satisfaction. The content is extremely well-researched and thorough, supported by suggested tools to palpably improve your systems. This newsletter is directed at the key stakeholders of businesses, providing functional ways to manage staff, stay calm in pressured scenarios, and prioritize your tasks.


The US Small Business Administration releases a newsletter aimed at SMEs with very diverse content and resources for smaller companies. Weekly updates include webinars and Twitter conversations to join, as well as educative blog posts and videos. To complement the newsletter, you can visit SBA’s learning center for courses aimed at new entrepreneurs.

I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit Sethi, the brains behind this newsletter, has over a million readers – and there’s a good reason. He’s a wizard when it comes to automating your life to use systems in order to work in a more productive manner. This newsletter gives you tips and tricks on how to manage your operations using systems design and psychology to get into the mind of your customers while saving yourself time and money. The newsletter is released every couple of days with expert advice on investing, automation, psychology, and negotiation tactics, and includes useable scripts, Q and As, and case studies to exemplify his points.


Entrepreneur is an online and print magazine that keeps you updated on business news across all industry sectors. Their newsletter is a mixture of industry updates and inspiration, with lessons and tips drawn from various successful entrepreneurs, startups, and companies around the globe – from marketing tips to business structure ideas. For the busy entrepreneur, this newsletter is an excellent choice as it is sent out at varying times throughout the week, injecting you with a little stimulation when you may not be expecting it.

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