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Company Funding (USD) Funding Type
$75,000,000Series B
$42,000,000Series C
$35,000,000Series A
$250,000,000Series E
$46,117,092Series C
$20,000,000Series B
$60,000,000Series B
$650,000,000Series E
$65,000,000Series B
$30,000,000Series A
$25,000,000Series B
$17,500,000Series A
$11,000,000Series A
$11,000,000Series A
$23,544,659Series C
$24,179,995Series B
$6,951,521Series A
$40,000,000Series B
$55,000,000Series C
$24,300,000Series A
$240,933,956Series D
$130,000,000Series B
$40,000,000Series B
$37,700,000Series A
$91,000,000Series B
$500,000,000Series D
$16,000,000Series A
$8,000,000Series A
$51,000,000Series E
$87,000,000Series C
$8,289,536Series B
$200,000,000Series C
$3,397,166Series A
$7,790,000Series A
$10,000,000Series A
$38,039,420Series B
$9,000,000Series C
$48,500,000Series B
$9,000,000Series A
$104,188Debt Financing
$14,000,000Series A
$6,465,068Series B
$11,000,000Series B
$590,000,000Series C