100+ CRM Software Startups

CRM Startups

A list of 100+ CRM (customer relationship management) software startups you should get to know.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an essential tool for all businesses who wish to continuously improve their interaction with customers efficiently; from solo entrepreneurs, growing tech startups to large enterprises, there is a solution available to achieve better customer relationships with cloud-based CRM solutions.

The increasing need for organisation to have access to customer data on multiple devices has meant that cloud based revenue will likely make up almost 50% of the projected $31 billion CRM sector.

CRM growth is not slowing down. At the end of 2018, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software revenues overtook database management systems to become the largest of all software markets. And with revenues expected to reach over $80 billion by 2025, it’s no surprise that CRM is the fastest growing software market.

With the growing number of problems that companies face in managing customer relationships in this digital age, comes a growing number of startups which are striving to provide solutions to solve those problems. Choosing the right CRM software solution can be overwhelming with the increasing selection of choice available to companies.

Here at GrowthList we have gone through hundreds of companies and spent hours researching CRM solutions. We have compiled a list of 100+ CRM software solutions we think are worth considering. You can also click here to get access to our latest intelligence report featuring 1,000+ fast-growing B2B tech companies with validated email addresses.

100+ CRM software startups

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