Outbound Sales Done For You.

We manage lead generation and sales email campaigns to deliver qualified, interested customers to your inbox, ready to close.

How Does It Work?

Tell us about your goals.

Send us a message and we’ll align on leads, campaigns, and pricing to meet your goals before you pay anything.

Sign up & onboarding.

A customized onboarding experience with a dedicated account manager to get everything up and running.

Start landing new clients!

We start running campaigns and share regular reporting with full visibility into everything we’re doing.

Fully Managed, So You Can Focus On Running Your Business.

Here’s what you get with our DFY service:

  • We fully manage all lead generation, completely customized to your ideal customer profile and business goals.
  • We handle all email campaigns and book calls for you (or pass warm leads over email, whichever you prefer).
  • You also get a dedicated account manager, any-time communication in a Slack channel just for you, and regular reporting on campaign performance.

Flat Monthly Pricing Starting at $2,500/month.

No commission fees. Just the monthly price and a 3-month minimum engagement.

Common Questions

Yes we can! We use automated systems to smoothly pass qualified leads to your CRM of choice and directly integrate with your data structure – these leads will be formatted exactly how you want them.

Yep! We can integrate with Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, and just about any other popular calendar application.

We can use either – whatever you’re most comfortable with. Our strong preference is to use an email address from your business’s domain, which helps improve lead response and conversion rates.

You’ll have a dedicated Slack channel and account manager throughout our entire engagement. You can ask questions, request updates, and give feedback whenever you like.

Campaign performance reports will be sent every week by your account manager with a detailed breakdown of everything from sourced contacts to qualified leads and appointments.

Onboarding involves a few components:

  • Introducing you to your dedicated account manager and Slack channel.
  • Detailing your ideal customer profile and email campaign requirements. We want to get a clear picture of your perfect customer so we can source the right leads, get in touch with decision makers, and start closing sales.
  • Setting up our technical infrastructure. This involves spinning up email addresses and new accounts in our email marketing software.
  • Drafting initial email campaigns and sourcing our first leads. If requested, we can send you drafts of our initial email campaigns and potential customer lists to get feedback and ensure it aligns with your business objectives and brand.
  • Then it’s time to launch!

Email campaigns take time to run their course and result in new customers for your business. We believe that you need a minimum of three months of using our DFY service to see a fair picture of results.

Yes! If you want, you can approve initial email drafts and see email campaign details first-hand. All you have to do is request it from your account manager.

Client requirements vary substantially, and some require a lot more work than others, depending on your business’s goals. That’s why you don’t pay anything until we discuss your objectives and figure out a campaign strategy and monthly price that works for all of us.

We don’t take any commissions per lead, either. We agree on a flat monthly rate and that’s what you pay every month.