List of Funded EV Startups For 2023

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Looking for the latest data on EV startups? We’ve got you covered! Every week, we conduct thorough research to compile a comprehensive list of these startups. Our master database currently holds tons of them!

Take a look at the table below for a glimpse of the most recently funded electric vehicle startups, which we update monthly. We also included aggregate funding data below that for all the EV companies in our Growth List database. Enjoy!

Recently Funded EV Startups

NameWebsiteIndustryCountryFunding Amount (USD)Funding TypeLast Funding Date
Mahindra Electric Automobilemahindraelectricautomobile.comAutomotive, EVIndia$145,057,865Private EquityAugust 2023
Runchengda, EV, Automotive, ManufacturingChina$31,492,963Series BAugust 2023
chargeMODchargemod.comEV, Automotive, B2B SoftwareIndia$302,493Pre-SeedAugust 2023
Treehousetreehouse.proEV, Automotive, B2C SoftwareUnited States$10,000,000Series AAugust 2023
Leqi Intelligentwww.lqwheel.cnEV, Transportation, B2C Software, AutomotiveChinaSeries AAugust 2023
Shift EVwww.shift-ev.comEV, AutomotiveEgypt$6,249,998Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
GO TO-Ugo-tou.comEV, Automotive, B2B SoftwareUnited States$1,050,000Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Mitra Chemmitrachem.comEV, Automotive, B2B SoftwareUnited States$40,000,000Series BAugust 2023
ElectroTempowww.electrotempo.comEV, B2B Software, Professional Services, AutomotiveUnited States$4,000,000SeedAugust 2023
Wirelanewww.wirelane.comEV, AutomotiveGermany$12,003,072Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
EVhicle, Automotive, B2B SoftwareIndia$90,278Pre-SeedAugust 2023
Simatricalssimactricals.ioEV, Automotive, B2B SoftwareIndia$90,278Pre-SeedAugust 2023
EVbeeevbee.comEV, Automotive, Energy, B2B SoftwareThe Netherlands$1,126,028Equity CrowdfundingAugust 2023
Zevozevoindia.inEV, Automotive, Logistics, B2B SoftwareIndiaVenture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
ALVAwww.alvaauto.comEV, Automotive, Manufacturing, B2B SoftwareSouth Korea$50,000,000Series BAugust 2023, Automotive, Mobile, B2B SoftwareSouth Korea$39,178,342Series BJuly 2023
Chargetripwww.chargetrip.comCloud Computing, B2B Software, EV, AutomotiveThe NetherlandsVenture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Ampcontrolwww.ampcontrol.ioEV, Automotive, Artificial Intelligence, B2B SoftwareUnited States$10,000,000Series AJuly 2023
Battery Smartwww.batterysmart.inEV, AutomotiveIndia$32,939,973Series BJuly 2023
Bluedotthebluedot.coEV, Automotive, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceUnited States$5,000,000SeedJuly 2023
Ev.energyev.energyEnergy, EV, AutomotiveUnited Kingdom$33,000,000Series BJuly 2023
EVOS, EV, AutomotiveAustralia$5,000,000SeedJuly 2023
Flipturnwww.getflipturn.comEV, Automotive, TransportationUnited States$4,500,000SeedJuly 2023
Hive Powerwww.hivepower.techEnergy, Artificial Intelligence, EV, AutomotiveSwitzerland$600,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Natrionwww.natrion.coEnergy, EV, AutomotiveUnited States$1,000,000SeedJuly 2023
Neuron Energywww.neuronenergy.inEnergy, EV, AutomotiveIndia$24,303,932SeedJuly 2023
Voltpostwww.voltpost.comHardware, EV, AutomotiveUnited States$3,600,000SeedJuly 2023, Automotive, B2C SoftwareSouth Korea$16,780,612Series BJuly 2023
Go, Automotive, B2B SoftwareUnited Kingdom$3,838,417SeedJuly 2023
Hardt Hyperloophardt.globalEV, Automotive, TransportationThe Netherlands$13,048,499Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Maka Motorswww.maka-motors.comTransportation, EV, Automotive, B2C SoftwareIndonesia$37,600,000SeedJuly 2023
Vegh Automobilesthevegh.comEV, Automotive, B2C SoftwareIndia$4,989,636SeedJuly 2023
Vok Bikesvokbikes.comEV, Automotive, B2C SoftwareEstonia$4,135,725SeedJuly 2023
ConnectDERconnectDER.comEnergy, EV, AutomotiveUnited States$27,000,000Series CJune 2023
Electradaelectrada.comEV, Automotive, B2C SoftwareUnited States$22,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Mahindra Last Mile Mobilitymahindralastmilemobility.comEV, AutomotiveIndia$73,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
MayMaan Researchmaymaan.comEV, Automotive, Transportation, Environment, B2B SoftwareUnited States$30,000,000Series AJune 2023
PIONIXpionix.comEV, Automotive, Cloud ComputingGermany$5,405,405SeedJune 2023
Velcavelcamotor.comManufacturing, EV, AutomotiveSpain$1,343,020Equity CrowdfundingJune 2023
ADASKYwww.adasky.comEV, Automotive, Security, B2B SoftwareIsrael$30,000,000Series BJune 2023
BluSmart Mobilitywww.blu-smart.comEV, Automotive, TransportationIndia$37,000,000Series AJune 2023
ChargeSiniwww.chargesini.comEV, Automotive, B2B SoftwareMalaysia$1,232,476Equity CrowdfundingJune 2023
EMOwww.EMOENERGY.INEnergy, EV, AutomotiveIndia$1,207,493SeedJune 2023
Ethernoviawww.ethernovia.comCloud Computing, EV, Automotive, TelecommunicationsUnited States$64,000,000Series AJune 2023
Kazamwww.kazam.inEV, Automotive, B2B SoftwareIndia$3,600,000Series AJune 2023
Chargetripwww.chargetrip.comCloud Computing, B2B Software, EV, AutomotiveThe Netherlands$10,777,604Series AMarch 2023
Bluedotthebluedot.coEV, Automotive, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceUnited States$2,000,000Pre-SeedJanuary 2023
loveelectricwww.loveelectric.carsAutomotive, EV, B2C SoftwareUnited Kingdom$1,123,413SeedNovember 2022
Battery Smartwww.batterysmart.inEV, AutomotiveIndia$25,000,000Series AJune 2022
BluSmart Mobilitywww.blu-smart.comEV, Automotive, TransportationIndia$15,000,000Series AMay 2022
Natrionwww.natrion.coEnergy, EV, AutomotiveUnited States$2,000,000SeedMay 2022
ev.energyev.energyEnergy, EV, AutomotiveUnited Kingdom$4,000,000Series AFebruary 2022
EVOS, EV, AutomotiveAustralia$1,262,943SeedJuly 2021
ADASKYwww.adasky.comEV, Automotive, Security, B2B SoftwareIsrael$15,000,000Series BOctober 2020

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EV Startups at a Glance

  • Number of EV startups in our database: 54
  • Number of verified email addresses in our database: 73
  • Number of social profiles in our database: 122
  • Other data points stored: 777
  • Total funding raised in 2023: $849,544,109
    • Seed: $107,063,657
    • Series A: $165,377,604
    • Series B: $273,391,890
    • Series C: $27,000,000
    • Other funding*: $276,710,958

*Other funding includes private equity, debt financing, and various other types of capital.

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