List of Funded Mental Health Startups For 2023

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We have the latest data on mental health startups. Every week, we do thorough research to compile a comprehensive list of these startups. Our master database has tons of them!

Check out the table below for the most recently funded mental health startups, which we update monthly. At the very bottom of the article, you’ll find our compiled funding data for all mental health companies in our Growth List database.

Recently Funded Mental Health Startups

NameWebsiteIndustryCountryFunding Amount (USD)Funding TypeLast Funding Date
Klarisanawww.klarisana.comMental Health, WellnessUnited States$300,000SeedAugust 2023
Vytyl Health Managementwww.vitahealth.careMental Health, Wellness, Personal Development, B2C SoftwareUnited States$8,375,000Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Float Healthfloat.healthMental Health, WellnessUnited States$9,990,994Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Hero Journey Clubwww.herojourney.clubGaming, Mental Health, B2C SoftwareUnited States$14,624,993Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
MentalHealth.comwww.mentalhealth.comMental Health, HealthcareUnited StatesSeedAugust 2023
Reglagenewww.reglagene.comMental Health, PharmaceuticalsUnited StatesVenture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Daybreak Healthwww.daybreakhealth.comMental Health, Education, B2C Software, WellnessUnited States$13,000,000Series BAugust 2023
Moshmoshlife.comFood and Beverage, Nutrition and Supplements, Wellness, Mental Health, Consumer Goods, RetailUnited States$6,518,181Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Astrocyte Pharmaceuticalswww.astrocytepharma.comHealthcare, Mental Health, PharmaceuticalsUnited States$6,000,000Series BAugust 2023
BetterYouwww.betteryou.aiMental Health, WellnessUnited States$3,003,111Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
Movleymovley.comMental Health, Wellness, B2C SoftwareUnited States$1,700,000SeedAugust 2023
Rapport Therapeuticswww.rapportrx.comHealthcare, Mental HealthUnited States$150,000,000Series BAugust 2023
ARC Healtharchealthpartners.comMental Health, Wellness, HealthcareUnited StatesPrivate EquityAugust 2023
Author Healthauthorhealth.comHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited States$115,000,000Series AJuly 2023
Blueprintblueprint-health.comHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited States$9,000,000Series AJuly 2023
Earkickearkick.comHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited StatesSeedJuly 2023
Heading Healthheadinghealth.comHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited States$4,500,000Series AJuly 2023
Mentavimentavi.comHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited States$2,073,975Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
thymiathymia.aiHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited Kingdom$2,672,784SeedJuly 2023
Upliftwww.joinuplift.coMental Health, Wellness, B2C SoftwareUnited States$10,700,000Series AJuly 2023
UrgentMEDurgentmednetwork.comMental Health, B2B SoftwareUnited States$54,500,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Wellbeewellbee.plHealthcare, Mental Health, Wellness, B2C SoftwarePolandSeedJuly 2023
Lifemostlifemost.aeMental Health, Wellness, Healthcare, FitnessUnited Arab Emirates$650,000Pre-SeedJune 2023
Longevitilongeviti.comHealthcare, Mental Health, Wellness, Electronics, B2B SoftwareUnited States$1,181,827Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Thesistakethesis.comPersonal Development, Mental Health, WellnessUnited States$8,400,000Series AJune 2023 Health, Wellness, Professional ServicesAustralia$1,706,116Series DJune 2023
Manus Neurodynamicawww.manusneuro.comMental Health, WellnessUnited Kingdom$3,214,201Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Elationelation.comMental Health, Personal Development, Healthcare, B2B SoftwareUnited States$100,000SeedApril 2023
Wellbeewellbee.plHealthcare, Mental Health, Wellness, B2C SoftwarePoland$705,948SeedOctober 2022
Anyonecallinganyone.comMobile, Mental Health, Personal Development, B2C SoftwareUnited Kingdom$4,260,067SeedJuly 2021
thymiathymia.aiHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited Kingdom$1,081,709Pre-SeedJune 2021
Heading Healthheadinghealth.comHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited States$850,000Pre-SeedMarch 2021
Blueprintblueprint-health.comHealthcare, Mental Health, WellnessUnited States$3,425,000SeedDecember 2020
auticonauticon.deRecruiting, Mental Health, Personal Development, B2B SoftwareGermany$2,950,000UnknownAugust 2020
Manus Neurodynamicawww.manusneuro.comMental Health, WellnessUnited Kingdom$943,147UnknownJune 2020

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Mental Health Startups at a Glance

  • Number of mental health startups in our database: 35
  • Number of verified email addresses in our database: 50
  • Number of social profiles in our database: 93
  • Other data points stored: 487
  • Total funding raised in 2023: $427,211,182
    • Seed: $5,422,784
    • Series A: $147,600,000
    • Series B: $169,000,000
    • Series C: $0
    • Other funding*: $105,188,398

*Other funding includes private equity, debt financing, and various other types of capital.

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