List of Funded Personal Finance Startups For 2023

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Every year, numerous personal finance startups emerge. We conduct thorough research every week to create a comprehensive list of these startups. Our master database currently holds hundreds of them!

The table below provides a glimpse of the most recently funded personal finance startups, which we update monthly. We also included total funding for the year (broken down by funding round) for all the personal finance companies in our Growth List database. Sign up if you want contact info!

Recently Funded Personal Finance Startups

NameWebsiteIndustryCountryFunding Amount (USD)Funding TypeLast Funding Date
RupeeRedee Loanwww.rupeeredee.comFinTech, Finance, Data, B2C SoftwareIndia$3,488,983Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
FinMeUplinktr.eeFinance, Education, B2C SoftwareSouth AfricaVenture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
LSX Capital Managementlsxcapital.wpengine.comInsurance, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceUnited States$65,000SeedAugust 2023, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceBrazil$4,100,000Venture - Series UnknownAugust 2023
FirstPathway Partnerswww.firstpathway.comInvesting, Government, FinanceUnited States$800,000SeedAugust 2023
ScribeUpwww.scribeup.ioFinance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$3,000,000SeedAugust 2023
LemFiwww.lemfi.comFinTech, Finance, B2C SoftwareCanada$33,000,000Series AAugust 2023
gigaroogigarooapp.comFinTech, Finance, Mobile, B2C SoftwareUnited States$2,500,000Pre-SeedJuly 2023
Auxilowww.auxilo.comEducation, Finance, B2C SoftwareIndia$57,417,903Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Bluedotthebluedot.coEV, Automotive, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceUnited States$5,000,000SeedJuly 2023
Arohan Financialarohan.inFinance, B2C SoftwareIndia$24,392,489Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
HMBradleywww.hmbradley.comFinTech, Finance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$12,282,103Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Honesthonestbank.comFinTech, FinanceSingapore$2,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJuly 2023
Money Africathemoneyafrica.comFinance, EducationNigeria$75,000SeedJuly 2023
NG.CASHng.cashFinTech, Finance, MobileBrazil$1,649,995SeedJuly 2023
Aztecoazte.coBlockchain, Finance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$6,000,000SeedJune 2023
Brollybrolly.africaInsurance, Automotive, FinTech, FinanceUnited States$120,000Convertible NoteJune 2023
Orainhome.orain.ioFinTech, Finance, B2C SoftwareSpain$3,268,668Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
Inbox HealthInboxHealth.comHealthcare, FinTech, Finance, Mobile, B2C SoftwareUnited States$22,500,000Series BJune 2023
Num Financenum.financeFinTech, Finance, B2C SoftwareArgentina$1,500,000Pre-SeedJune 2023
NYMBUSnymbus.comFinTech, Finance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$70,000,000Series DJune 2023
Liquidowww.liquido.comFinTech, Finance, MobileBrazil$26,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJune 2023
POSHwww.posh.vipFinance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$5,000,000SeedApril 2023
Zipzerozipzero.comFinTech, B2C Software, FinanceUnited Kingdom$1,196,142SeedMarch 2023
SteadyPaywww.steadypay.coFinance, B2C SoftwareUnited Kingdom$3,000,000Venture - Series UnknownMarch 2023
Arohan Financialarohan.inFinance, B2C SoftwareIndia$16,587,019Venture - Series UnknownMarch 2023
SayFsayf.inFinTech, Cloud Computing, B2C Software, FinanceIndia$239,649Pre-SeedJanuary 2023
Bluedotthebluedot.coEV, Automotive, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceUnited States$2,000,000Pre-SeedJanuary 2023
MProfit Softwarewww.mprofit.inFinance, Investing, Accounting, B2C SoftwareIndia$2,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJanuary 2023
Everphonewww.everphone.comMobile, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceGermany$32,000,000Series CSeptember 2022
Facile.itwww.facile.itInsurance, Automotive, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceItaly$52,153,172Private EquitySeptember 2022
ShopBackwww.shopback.sgFinTech, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C Software, FinanceSingapore$80,000,000Series FJune 2022, B2C SoftwareIsrael$30,000,000Series BApril 2022
POSHwww.posh.vipFinance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$1,075,000SeedNovember 2021
ShopBackwww.shopback.sgFinTech, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C Software, FinanceSingapore$39,655,438Series EOctober 2021
Kafenewww.kafene.comFinance, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C SoftwareUnited States$14,000,000Series AJune 2021
Inbox HealthInboxHealth.comHealthcare, FinTech, Finance, Mobile, B2C SoftwareUnited States$15,000,000Series AApril 2021
NYMBUSnymbus.comFinTech, Finance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$53,000,000Series CFebruary 2021
Pillar Lifewww.pillarlife.comFinance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$1,500,000SeedOctober 2020
NYMBUSnymbus.comFinTech, Finance, B2C SoftwareUnited States$12,000,000Venture - Series UnknownJune 2020
askRobinwww.askrobin.comFinTech, B2C Software, FinanceEstonia$1,700,000SeedMay 2020
One Utility Billoneutilitybill.coUtilities, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceUnited Kingdom$2,096,697UnknownApril 2020
Fiscozenwww.fiscozen.itAccounting, B2C Software, FinanceItaly$3,342,450Series AMarch 2020
ShopBackwww.shopback.sgFinTech, Retail, Consumer Goods, B2C Software, FinanceSingapore$30,000,000Series BMarch 2020
Merryfieldwww.merryfield.comRetail, Consumer Goods, FinTech, B2C Software, FinanceUnited States$3,500,000SeedFebruary 2020
Switchowww.switcho.itFinance, Mobile, B2C SoftwareItaly$645,807SeedJanuary 2020

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Personal Finance Startups at a Glance

  • Number of personal finance startups in our database: 46
  • Number of verified email addresses in our database: 62
  • Number of social profiles in our database: 133
  • Other data points stored: 633
  • Total funding raised in 2023: $309,182,951
    • Seed: $29,025,786
    • Series A: $33,000,000
    • Series B: $22,500,000
    • Series C: $0
    • Other funding*: $224,657,165

*Other funding includes private equity, debt financing, and various other types of capital.

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